VIRAL: Cebu hostage taking ends in bloodshed, suspect gets mauled in bloody video (warning: gore)

Cebu hostage taking
Cebu hostage taking

This morning around 11:30am, Lenneth Enjambre, a vegetable vendor from Mambaling Cebu, got grabbed and stabbed by an unnamed man in his 30s. She tried to fight him off but was overpowered, resulting in stab wounds upon her left leg and upper left arm. Bystanders, like Wilson Silvano Jr., a staff of a Sr. Pedro stall, came to the victim’s rescue and managed to maul the suspect. The Mobile Patrol Group carted the assailant off while the victim was rushed to the Cebu City Medical Center (CCMC) so her wounds can be given proper attention.

Meanwhile, the video courtesy of netizen Justin Keith I. was uploaded via the Facebook page Trending in the Philippines around late afternoon of the same day with what seemed like a transcription of the video’s audio (it’s in Cebuano language).

“Minatay pirting kulbaa nako kay ari padulong nako ang duha nag dinaganay homan gukda sa mga istambay ug kaliwat.”

Netizen O Ra Ki from the same group tried his hand at translating it.

“Pakshit, grabi yung kaba ko papalapit nako. Yun dalawa biglang nagtakbuhan(baka ung nanghostage sa direksyon nya nagpunta), hinabol ng mga tambay at kamag anak..”


In the original post, Justin writes:

Hostage taking sa mambaling na aktohan 11:30 ganihang buntag. Nagsulay ug naka ikyas ang babae (gapuwa/victim) sa pag hostage kaniya niining lalaki (gaputi) gamit ang kutsilyo nga habolan apan samdan iyahang ubang parti sa lawas ilabi na sa iyang abaga. Minatay pirting kulbaa nako kay ari padulong nako ang duha nag dinaganay homan gukda sa mga istambay ug kaliwat.

As of writing, the motive behind the crime isn’t known. What do you think could be his reason for having singled her out? Could it be tied perhaps to a debt issue? Was she a witness in an incident of burglary?

Sunstar Cebu has reported almost two months ago that the same town has experienced a 41% surge in theft incidents starting in November.

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