Darren, Juan Karlos shocking revelations in The Voice Kids

Luis Manzano with Darren
Luis Manzano with Darren

Even though Coach Sarah Geronimo’s bets Lyca Gairanod and Darren Espanto emerged as the top two finalists in the recently-concluded “The Voice Kids,” second runner-up Juan Karlos “JK” Labajo says he does not regret picking Bamboo Mañalac as his mentor after falling short of winning. Sarah and Bamboo both turned around for JK during his blind audition but the young artist ultimately chose to join Kamp Kawayan.

I like Coach Sarah, but our music genres don’t match

“I like Coach Sarah, but our music genres don’t match. She’s into ballads and pop. I chose Coach Bamboo because first of all, he has a unique voice,” JK explains in “Tapatan Ni Tunying” airing this Thursday (August 14).

JK used to collect junk and fell deep into debt

JK shares in the episode that he can also relate to the life story of grand champion Lyca, who helped her mother scavenge junk to sell.

“Our life story is somehow similar because we used to collect junk before. Many people think that I come from a rich family because of the way I look. But what they don’t know is that we’ve racked up huge debts in Cebu and we don’t even own a house,” he says.


JK lost his mom five days before “The Voice Kids” audition

But JK’s biggest burden remains to be losing his mom five days before his audition in “The Voice Kids.”

“How I wish there were visiting hours in heaven,” he says.

Darren had to borrow money

Meanwhile, first runner-up Darren Espanto reveals how his parents had to borrow money to support his stint in the competition.

Darren, who was born and raised in Alberta, Canada, had to travel to and from the Philippines at one point in the contest. Darren’s father Lyndon Espanto says a round-trip ticket alone cost them CAD 1,800 or at least P 70,000 each.

My mommy and daddy are buried in debt. They have sacrificed a lot for me.


“My mommy and daddy are buried in debt. They have sacrificed a lot for me. But if I want to pursue something, they are always there to support me,” Darren shares.

Now that Darren will continue his singing career in the Philippines, he readies himself when he eventually settles down in Manila with his relatives and away from his parents and sister.

JK and Darren reveal more about their life and career in this episode of “Tapatan ni Tunying.”

Don’t miss “Tapatan ni Tunying” this Thursday (August 14) at 4PM on ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold.


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