Pay your Philippine bills online with Qwikwire

Qwikwire Pay online all your bills in the Philippines
Qwikwire Pay online all your bills in the Philippines

MANILA, Philippines – Paying bills in the Philippines is now much convenient and secure with Qwikwire. All credit / debit card, ACH, and Bitcoin holders from abroad can now pay their bills in the Philippines without remitting untraceable cash.

Qwikwire is a leading online platform that allows consumers to securely and conveniently pay any of their bills in the Philippines.

These bills can be utility bills, credit card bills, tuition fees, real estate mortgage, and many more. Qwikwire’s proprietary technology provides its users the ability to manage all of their payments in one elegantly designed page.

We believe that people should spend less time on paying their bills and spend more time on the things they love such as quality moments with family. We learned that money mismanagement was a regular occurrence between family members especially when someone from abroad is involved. This happens when a relative from abroad sends money to their family in the Philippines to use for bills payment, instead of using the cash to pay for the bills, the receiver uses it for something else. At Qwikwire, we religiously believe that issues concerning money mismanagement should not occur between families, so we are trying our best to provide the people who pay the bills more control over their finances. – Zairo Ko of Qwikwire

Qwikwire is an innovative method of paying because it allows users to pay their bills in one single online platform with just their credit / debit card, ACH, or Bitcoin. Qwikwire’s proprietary technology does not require the user to have a specific bank account to pay bills online as opposed to the local banks online bills payment system.

  • To pay bills using Qwikwire, users will have to follow a four-step process:
  • Register with email and preferred method of payment (credit / debit card, ACH, or
  • Choose which bill to pay
  • Choose which method of payment to use
  • Review and confirm the payment

Enterprises are now able to collect directly from consumers and avoid delinquent payments. A good example would be for real estate mortgages; users can simply tick a checkbox to allow monthly billing of their account. Qwikwire’s online platform provides users the ability to pay various bills in one platform. Qwikwire is also capable of reminding users (via email) to pay their bills before it is due.

Qwikwire is one of the few MSB’s (money as a service business) registered with the US Department of the Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN) and approved Third Party Payments Aggregator (TPPA) in the Philippines. It is incorporated both in Delaware, USA and Makati, Philippines.

For more information regarding Qwikwire’s bill payment solution, simply visit

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