Disney Pixar Inside Out [review]

You will laugh, you will cry, and you will enjoy every glorious moment of it

We all have so many feelings inside us. Sometimes we feel too much that we become overwhelmed and try as we may, we can't seem to control how our emotions are. One minute we are happy, the next we are sad, and then later on, its a combination of both. Some people would say its hormones and others would say its a chemical imbalance but for now, I think I'm gonna go with Disney Pixar's explanation via Inside Out.

In the movie, it shows that we actually have tiny cute cartoons inside our brain that helps in controlling our reactions and emotions to situations that happen around us. It was cute watching Fear, Disgust, Anger, Joy, and Depression work together and fight then make up to ensure that the person they serve remains okay. It was also cute seeing how the same group reacts inside the head of an adult male, adult female, a dog, and a cat.

It felt good watching the movie and understanding why each of them matters, especially sadness. Initially I didn't understand why sadness mattered but after watching the movie, all 5 main emotions actually matter and we cannot exist if a single one of them would not be present. I guess its also how we say that there's something not normal when someone never gets mad. To be normal and to remain functioning normally as a person, all these emotions need to be present.

Thank you  #GlobeGoSURF #GoForJoy for this wonderful movie. It definitely was a joyful night.

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