Jaclyn Jose wins as First Filipina Best Actress in Cannes Film Festival

The Internationally acclaimed Cannes Film Festival had recognized Filipina Jaclyn Jose as Best actress for her performance in Ma' Rosa.

Critics had been impressed with her work in Brillante Mendoza’s latest gritty tale of poverty and institutional corruption, but other actresses were expected to take the coveted prize.

jaclyn jose

The supposed frontrunners were Isabelle Huppert, the one-time Mendoza collaborator (in the 2012 hostage drama “Captive”) and French star of Paul Verhoeven’s revenge fantasy “Elle”; Sandra Huller, the female lead of the German comedy “Toni Erdmann”; American ingenue Elle Fanning, for the controversial supermodel cannibal film “The Neon Demon”; and Ruth Negga, the Ethiopian-Irish star of the interracial romance drama “Loving”.

Jose’s victory was announced by two Jury members, Iranian producer Katayoon Shahabi and Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen. She was accompanied to the stage by Mendoza and her daughter and co-star, Andi Eigenmann.

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