FUNNY: Pacquiao makes fun of Mayweather in TV commercial [video]

The question of a potential match with Floyd Mayweather Jr. never escapes Manny Pacquiao. In a post-fight interview conducted after defeating Chris Algieri on Sunday, Manny responded, smiling:

"He's going to fight me? YES! YES!!!"

Manny's funny response is re-enactment of a television commercial that he did for Foot Locker, where he repeatedly said "He's going to fight me? YES YESS!!".

In the commercial, Manny overhears a conversation where the fight that people wanted is finally happening.

Although the name Floyd Mayweather Jr was never mentioned, common sense tells us Manny mistakes this to be none other than the Pacquiao vs Mayweather superfight.

Pacquiao then goes on a crazy training rampage, shadow-boxing like crazy in mock preparation for the fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

"Hooooo ... He said yes!!! Hoo baby," adds Manny

Click to play the video.

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