UP grad develops 20-day reading system for kids

ReadRIGHT Instant Reader

The ReadRIGHT Instant Reader program was developed in 2001 by Teacher Veronica ‘Vicki’ Q. Arioder, a BS Development Communication graduate of UP Los Baños and a Masters of Education graduate of UP Diliman. She worked as a Research Associate for NISMED in Diliman before starting her own school, “The Learning Place” located inside the UPLB Campus.

The Instant Reader Program was initially created simply to teach her eldest daughter, Laya, to read when she was four years old. Using the Instant Reader Program, Laya became a good reader at four.

Teacher Vicki thought nothing of the result in her daughter at the time since her school, was also starting to grow. It was a couple of years later when their son, Yani also reached the age of 4 that the task of teaching him to read came about. Since Teacher Vicki was a full-time teacher and school administrator, the task of teaching their son, Yani, to read was assigned to her husband, Jun.

Teacher Vicki provided Jun all the materials and motivation, encouraging him to use the Instant Reader program she developed to teach Laya, to make the reading time with Yani a quick and successful one. He was given a strict deadline to teach Yani to read in just 20 days. Though quite an impossible feat for him, Jun took the challenge and followed every step.

To everyone’s surprise, Yani read words and simple sentences in just 20 days! This new found skill paved the way for Yani to love reading stories and books of his interests, allowing him to be an independent learner; able to think and perform way ahead of his classmates and peers. The tutorial process was truly overwhelming for Jun, however seeing the results and fruits of his efforts made him very proud. He was the one who taught his own son to read!

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Beyond business

Jun’s training in sales and enterprising spirit made him very interested to develop a duplicable system of the reading approach and technique he used with his son, Yani. He researched, gathered pertinent materials, and prodded his wife to try the system to other children with varying learning needs and difficulties (i.e. slow learners; dyslexic; Attention Deficiency and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) etc). The same technique, combined with a customized approach in line with the child’s varying learning styles, was a success prompting Jun to pose the challenge to try the program or their money back!

The approach soon became a word of mouth to the community having had 98% successful graduates from its first enrolees. In summer 2005, more than 80 enrolees underwent the program and experienced its full benefits. Starting with a simple streamer as an advertisement, the response was overwhelming which inspired both Teacher Vicki and Jun to continue what they started and help more kids maximize their reading potentials. “To teach the world the fastest and most effective way” was not just a company mission but became the couple’s advocacy.

After a decade of fun reading, changed lives and renewed hope, the Instant Reader program has gone a long way from being conducted at the basement of Teacher Vicky’s humble home to being offered presently at different branches in other key areas in Laguna – San Pablo, Calamba and in its licensees in Biñan and Muntinlupa. Moreover, from 2010 – 2012, the Instant Reader program had also been offered as a summer reading program in selected schools and learning centers in Sta. Rosa and San Pedro in Laguna as well as in Southern Manila- in Alabang, Las Piñas and Parañaque.

What started as a simple goal of fulfilling a domestic duty became the beginning of something innovative and life-changing and the rest, as they say is history. Truly one for the books!

ReadRIGHT Instant Reader program description

The entire Instant Reader Program has a total of sixty (60) lessons categorized into three 20-day levels, namely Basic, Advanced and Mastery.

Basic level

This level focuses on Phonemic Awareness where students are introduced to the concept of phonemic sounds as the core of the reading process. The lessons feature forty-four (44) phonemic sounds which are presented through “Ridiculous Association” using the concept of Animal Friends to aid mastery. Both the ease of pronunciation and the frequency of these sounds appearing in the natural language serve as the basis in grouping the sounds. The first few lessons give greater emphasis on the skill of blending the sounds and reading words than on the definition of the word being read. Specifically, during the fourth session, the lesson already introduces the child to simple sentence reading and basic reading comprehension.

This level significantly incorporates Storytelling in the sessions where the ‘Animal Friends’ are presented in simple character and values-based stories. The stories are interconnected allowing the child to always look forward to the next reading session with fun and excitement; a totally pressure and stress-free way of reading with understanding.

A Reading Practice Kit supplements each lesson by featuring words constructed from the sounds learned during the current and previous sessions.

By the end of this level, the child will be able to correctly read almost any simple three to five letter words as well as simple sentences, with the exception of words with silent sounds such as “light” which cannot be simply handled by phonics.

A Post Program Assessment is given at the end of the 20 day program.

Advanced level

This level focuses on Reading Fluency and Reading Comprehension. The first three sessions involves a review of the phonemic sounds. Succeeding lessons introduces the child to complex words (silent letters, sound clusters, etc) and trains him to read and understand paragraphs and/or short and simple stories. Furthermore, lessons enhance vocabulary building through drills involving question words and exercises using words pertaining to food, family, time, date, body parts, places, quantities and the like.

The accompanying Reading Practice Kit tackles sentence and paragraph reading to improve reading fluency and reading comprehension.
A Post Program Assessment is given at the end of the 20 day program.

Mastery level

This level focuses on Enhanced Reading Fluency and Reading Comprehension to further develop the skills of students with advanced reading abilities. Exercises and drills emphasize intensive vocabulary building and reading comprehension through situational stories, poems, conversations, dialogues.

A Post Program Assessment is given at the end of the 20 day program.

Program execution format

The ReadRight Inc. Instant Reader Program started as a one-on-one set up in its centers and has evolved since and executed in different formats to address various children’s needs.

A. Center-Based Tutorials: One-on-One Format

This format is mainly the set-up in the various Instant Reader centers. Each session lasts only 30 minutes. This maximizes the attention span of students which is about 15 minutes for a four year old child. This length of time also makes it virtually stress free for the child as most see the lessons as a game rather than a tedious lesson.
A Reading Readiness Assessment (RRA) is conducted to each student before they are enrolled in the program mainly to check the child’s attention span. As a general rule, if the child can focus his or her attention for at least 10 minutes, then we can guarantee that we can teach that child to read in just 20 days.

The youngest student who was able to read after undergoing the program was only 2 years and 11 months. The success rate, meaning the child will be able to read words and simple sentences, is at 99% for the Instant Reader Basic Level.

B. Small Group Format

This format was applied during the summer break when an influx of students was experienced with partner schools from 2010 to 2012. The format is one (1) teacher to a group of three (3) to four (4) students. Each session lasts for one (1) hour. Games, drills and storytelling are integrated in the sessions to sustain students’ attention.

This format requires that each student in the group should have similar levels of learning abilities as determined from the assessment prior to the start of the sessions.

C. Small Classroom Reading Intervention Format

This format was conducted to a group of twenty (20) students who underwent the program for thirty (30) days. The students were initially assessed through storytelling to observe their focus, comprehension, skills on following instructions, speech and locomotor skills. Each session lasted for an hour daily from Monday to Friday, handled by one (1) teacher and a teacher assistant.

D. Large Class School Integration Program

The Instant Reader Program was also conducted in a large class set-up in which the reading program is taught for the whole school year as it had been successfully applied by the preschool department of The Learning Place Los Baños, a private progressive school located inside the campus of UP Los Baños since 2003. With the utilization of the program, the school gained reputation of having students who are able to confidently speak and fluently express themselves in English; it became an established trademark attributed to a strong reading foundation that is the Instant Reader Program.

What Parents are Saying About The Instant Reader Program

Here are just some of the things that satisfied parents are saying about the ReadRIGHT Instant Reader program.

“At the start of the program, we thought that Reon will learn to read just like any other kids. We were amazed when we observed that he also learned how to understand what he is reading. The program was so effective. He learned how to read as well as to comprehend. It helped a lot in the acceleration of our son to Grade I this school year. Thanks to Instant Reader.

Mrs. Irene O. Nuñez, mother of Reighmonde Euelle O. Nuñez (Reon), 5 years and 11 months old
Celestial Children Montessori
School Achievements: accelerated from Kinder to Grade I, constant achiever in class, tops in English/Science examinations”

Instant Reader was certainly a great help to our daughter. She developed a great interest in reading that made her one-step ahead of the others of her age. Now, we are reaping the fruits of what your program has done to her. Thanks to Instant Reader.”

Mrs. Sarah A. Calabia, mother of Katrina Aiko A. Calabia, 3 years and 8 months old
Scuola dei Bambini di Sta. Teresita
School Achievements: Casa Uno, First Honors, Casa Uno, Top Reader, Casa Due, First Honors, Casa Due

“The reading program is really effective. We’re surprised that at the age of 3, she can read and spell simple words. And now on her second level, I can see that her reading and comprehensive skills are still improving.”

Mrs. Jeanne A. Maghirang, Mother of Julia Sheris A. Maghirang, 3 years 11 months

“My daughter started in the program as a non-reader a 3 years and 9 months, I was amazed that she was able to recognize simple words in just 10 days in the Instant Reader Program. This is really an awesome course! Now my daughter always gets high scores in reading in her kinder class. Thanks to Read Right for bringing out the best in our child… I fully recommend this program … “

Mary Ann M. Alvarez, mother of Aliana Thea M. Alvarez, 3 years and 9 months old

“The reading Program is actually good in our case, wherein my daughter is now a Good Reader.”

CATHERINE PARK, mother of Isabel Park, 5 years old

“The reading program helped Amber read beyond three-letter words!”

MICHELLE D. PALACPAC, mother of Amber Palacpac, 4 years old

Instant Reader Program is very effective to my daughter.”

RODOLFO S. TUBELLEJA, father of Maximillie May E. Tubellaja, 4 years old

“We liked it since it encouraged our child to read. Thank you for letting our child in the program even if she is under 4 years old.”

DR. RENELLE I. LABTUON, mother of Angela mari I. Labtuon, 3 years old

“The program was flexible enough, and it was really worth our time. Thanks Instant Reader.”

MARION LUX Y. CASTRO, mother of Jacob Y. Castro, 5 years old

“The Program is an effective tool for Dwayne’s reading readiness and ability to identify the correct pronunciation of words.

He started zero in reading, after 20 sessions, I believe that his capacity to read was developed.”

MARIA LIZEL S. TRUMATA, mother of John Dwayne Trumata, 5 years old

“The reading program really helped my child to improve his reading skill.”

KATHERINE I. CHAVEZ, mother of Samuel Alfonso Marcus I. Chavez

“Effective … able to instill in a child the value and importance of education.”

BHIA MITCHIE T. BORCENA, mother of Mateusz Gavrie T. Borcena, 4 years old

“It’s really effective. I’m glad I enrolled my daughter here. Thanks to everybody, especially to her teacher for her patience. More power!”

MARIFE G. LEGASPI, mother of Maria Gabriele G. Legaspi, 5 years old


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For more details, check out the Instant Reader Facebook page or visit the official website at www.readin20days.com.



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