Did the Facebook profiles of Tagaytay accident victims predict their deaths? Creepy!

Facebook cover photos of the minors involved in the fatal Tagaytay accident appears to have predicted their deaths.

Christian Layug discovered the creepy coincidence when he looked up the profiles of the victims, which showed a dimly lit road, some road signs, smoke, and finally, nothing.

Even more creepy, the cover photo of the apparent driver shows a photo of a skeleton between two women.

Of the six victims of the Tagaytay accident, four were male and two were female.

It has not been confirmed if these Facebook profiles indeed belonged to the victims.

The post has since been removed.

Posted by Christan:

Yung four minors po yung mga passengers na namatay sa car accident sa Tagaytay tignan niyo yung cover photos nila.
Road, Signs, Smoke then Darkness.
Then yung single ss po yun yung Driver nila tignan niyo rin yung cover photo niya nakakakilabot.

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