Uber driver maliciously comments on passenger breastfeeding her baby

What's wrong with breastfeeding your child inside a private vehicle?

This is the question that netizens want to ask to the Uber driver who posted a malicious comment on a passenger breastfeeding her baby.

In a Facebook post of Chano St.Paul in Uber Philippines Group, he narrated how he was distracted by the act of the passenger.

Netizens meanwhile defender the passenger and thought it is a maternal duty to breastfeed a child. Thus, should not be given malice.

Here's the screenshots of the Facebook post.

14441078_547142498819062_5158809124035781907_n 14448830_547142768819035_3184848851544028515_n 14449796_547142842152361_8399754563086906468_n 14457373_547142682152377_7359595447700204220_n 14390750_547142608819051_5940999788115696546_n 14441160_547142568819055_4471649726596158235_n 14446139_547142825485696_224312655652802521_n 14446139_547142825485696_224312655652802521_n 14333767_547142872152358_4397969584724218435_n 14370051_547142662152379_6635695979336930576_n

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