Why did Conor McGregor shave his head?

conor mcgregor bald
conor mcgregor bald

It has been a while since Conor McGregor went full bald that we are used to seeing him with a full head of hair, so it is comes as a bit of shock when he posted a side-view photo of his bald head on Thursday.

The photo, which did not contain any caption, received over 67K likes and 1,855 comments – some of which said he looked better with his hair slicked back while others approved his new look.

Still, others could not help but ask why he did it.

We can only speculate that this is going to be his new look as he goes up to the Lightweight division in March 5 at UFC 197, where he will face Rafael dos Anjos for the championship belt.

Aside from a really old photo we couldn’t really find any other photos of a bald Conor McGregor.

Perhaps this is symbolic of a fresh start for the ‘Notorious’ champion?

What do you think of his new look? Do you prefer his old, slick-back look or this one?

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