Wham! Burgers: 100% Filipino burger cooked the old-fashion way

When you think of a burger, a common burger chain or fast food restaurant immediately comes to your head.  An ordinary food chain where foods are ready-made, and are normally loaded and shipped through a delivery van to be reheated and be gladly served to food enthusiasts like me.  But with Wham! Burgers, a twist have been made.  It’s a non-typical, affordable yet quality gourmet type of restaurant.

Being one, their foods contain high-quality ingredients, with no extenders at all.   Beef patties are not packed and frozen–they are religiously prepared and cooked on-site.

Wham! Burger Raw Beef Patties

The discriminating taste is not only brought by its 100% pure beef content, but the unique recipe discovered by good friends Tony Yap and Dondi Lazaro and how it is being prepared and cooked—chargrilled! 

Wham! Burgers grilling equipment

The grilling equipment is an amalgam of electric and gas, with pure charcoal on top.  

As remarked, in it’s strictly one third pound, certified no extender robust beef patty with 80-20 lean-fat ratio, cooking through those old-fashioned real charcoals does not simply create a delectable and smoky aroma presented in a charming charred exterior, but it sums up an unmatched, luscious texture.

Wham! Burgers - Double Whammy with cheese
Wham! Burgers – Double Whammy with cheese

Commonly mistaken as an international franchise, Wham prides itself for introducing a 100% Filipino burger, adapting to the classic Filipino taste.

While spaghetti, French fries, and potato wedges are included in their menu for kids, health conscious food lovers can also enjoy their hearty and chunky chicken sandwich served with mayo and fancy lettuce (with an option to add a cheese or not).

Wham! Burgers Counter SM Mall of Asia Branch

Another unique item included in Wham Burger’s great selection of sidings, is the Pepper Poppers.  It completes the meal with its very appetizing cheese-coated jalapeno pepper without getting your tongue too hot with its pungent taste.

Wham! Burgers Pepper Poppers

Recently, the newly launched Slider Trio makes it another reason to have a unique dining experience with Wham.   It’s the biggest and affordable slider you’ll ever meet since the term “trio” does not just imply three mini-burgers (almost the size of a regular burger!) but a combination of three Wham favourites’ tucked into one: Wham Burger, Wham Burger with Cheese and Bacon Burger.

Wham! Burgers Pepper Poppers, Slider Trio and Four-Season Juice
Wham! Burgers Slider Trio

With its no short cuts, homemade-style formula that’s far from a typical fast food style or too expensive hotel burger, Wham is a bolder version that sums up to an affordable gourmet quality burger.

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Convenient branch locations:

  • Katipunan Ave. Ext., Blue Ridge, Quezon City
  • SM North Edsa The Block
  • SM Mall of Asia
  • Molito, Alabang

Visit their website for more information and updates: http://www.whamburgers.com/

Connect thru:Facebook, Twitter and Instagram