3 Interesting Tourist Spots in Patna You Might Want to Explore

Patna is the capital of Bihar and surprisingly it caters some amazing tourist spots. If you are traveling to this city, then you might return with a bag full of memories. Founded in 5th century BC as Patliputra – the wonderful ruins of which lie adjacent to the modern city – the capital of India’s eastern state of Bihar is one of the fastest growing cities in the country.

If you have some work in Patna, and you don’t want to go, then you need to change your mind. There are some amazing tourist spots in Patna that will give you good time. Living in a city like Bangalore you already have experienced a lot of culture and amazing architecture.

How about exploring the culture and architecture of Patna? You can avail Bengaluru Patna cheap flight tickets and reach this city in a couple of hours. Before you take your final decision, have a look at some of the popular spots of Patna.

1. Golghar

Golghar, the acknowledged architectural landmark of Patna, suggests marvel and a lot of curiosity. This exclusive domed structure to the west of Gandhi Maidan was constructed by Captain John Garstin in the year 1786, and it was formed as a granary for the British Army.

The engineer was most likely inspired by Stupa architecture and astonishingly made no use of pillars to endorse its 29m of height and 125m diameter. Climbing the spiral staircase around this amazing Golghar once used for unloading and loading, promises wonderful panoramic views of this city and the splendid Ganges River.

2. Mahavir Mandir

Just outside Patna Junction, Mahavir Mandir, even known as Hanuman Mandir, is the most visited spot in the city.  It was once a nondescript little construction and gained admiration with incoming Hindu refugees following the partition of India in forties. The current day structure was erected in 1987 with a unique modernist take on traditional motifs.

Architecture, however, is not the degree of its greatness as much as the dedication it attracts.  The temple is flooded with exceptional rush on the days of Hanuman Tuesday and Saturday.

3. Jalan Museum

This museum, or even known as Quila House, is an eclectic private museum and a housing situated on the banks of the Ganges. Home to five generations of the Jalan family since the year 1919, it is a gem of a spot. It is a place brimming with objects d’art and distinct acquired by Radha Krishna Jalan.

The collection includes intricate Mughal-period silverware, Sèvres porcelain once belonging to that of Marie Antoinette, and the wooden bed of Napoleon III.

Packed with surprises every turn, it is well worth the time to visit. Remember since it is not really a public place so you have to take appointment forty eight hours in advance your visit.



So, you would be surprised to know about the flight fares from Bengaluru to Patna once you look for them. Check them out and head to Patna for a feisty and cultural trip. – Bengaluru Press

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