4 Reasons Jeep Enthusiasts Are Such Fans of Bilstein Products

Driver side popup console shows the current speed (alternate shot) - Mazda3 2.0 Sedan 2017 Skyactiv-R
Driver side popup console shows the current speed (alternate shot) - Mazda3 2.0 Sedan 2017 Skyactiv-R

If you’re going to replace anything from tires and rims to shocks and springs on your Jeep, there’s no reason to ignore quality. While some jokesters will tell you that Jeep is an acronym that stands for “Just Empty Every Pocket,” you know better. Getting exceptionally crafted products from companies like Bilstein ensures every ride is the best it can be. Here are the four main reasons Jeep enthusiasts love these products.

  1. Ride Quality

The number one reason most people choose Bilstein shocks is the difference in ride quality. While people will sometimes call them stiff, they’re actually incredibly smooth. Bumps and potholes can go almost completely unfelt when you’re riding on a properly engineered set of springs.

  1. Durability

Bilstein manufactures the sort of products that can outlive your vehicle. When your OEM parts wear out, Bilstein can keep you covered for a long time. More than just functioning, expect these shocks and springs continue to offer excellent performance over their lifetime.

  1. Value for Raised Vehicles

The higher your vehicle gets raises, the more important your shocks and springs become. The extra distance between your body and wheels magnifies every bump and pothole. While a Bilstein 5100 can’t negate the change in your Jeep, it can keep you from regretting the decision to raise your machine.

  1. Great Warranties

Products without warranties can seem a little suspicious. If you’re confident in the quality of your truck suspension, why not stand behind it? Bilstein has some of the most comprehensive warranties in the business. It features everything from the expected 90-day warranty to a full limited lifetime warranty. Drive with confidence knowing Bilstein has you covered.

Go With Bilstein

Many Jeep owners feel that Bilstein is to shocks what Mickey Thompson is to tires. Between the quality of construction and the performance benefits, it’s hard to disagree. Visit this website to get more information on this outstanding brand and its products.

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