4 things you need to do to quit smoking TODAY

LaserWellness Acuquit
LaserWellness Acuquit

Your desire to stop smoking has always been your hard-hitting goal for yourself. Given that it’s never easy because of nicotine pleasure, stress, or result of addictive habit for the longest time, remember that it’s never too late to quit.

So for the love month, why not consider the hashtag #loveyourlungs? After all, smoking not only adversely affects the respiratory system; it can also lead to lethal medical problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and various cancers. And to give this resolution a new resolve and motivation, Laser Wellness by Contours Medical Director Dr. Claudine Roura shares her insightful but totally doable tips to make you quit in no time:

1. Plan and Party.

Most of the time, a public declaration of your desire to quit is the best way to keep yourself going and a fun way to ask for their support. It makes sense to gather your closest family and friends whether over brunch or coffee and make your announcement official. Do mention about your creative strategies and set a deadline when you can claim: Freedom!

2. Have an Accountability Partner.

Remember that there’s nothing too big or too small when it comes to your achievements—same goes with compromise. Whether you tried puffing one butt or for 10 seconds or going steady with your first straight week of cigarette-free life, it always pays to have your bestie by your side. To come out strong and successful, having someone who can work with you closely makes the whole perspective a whole lot easier.

3. Make a Reward System.

Who doesn’t think that a job well done doesn’t deserve a reward? And since we understand that signing up for a quitting challenge is any smoker’s Achilles heel, a winning reward is always a helpful factor. How about an out of the country trip, a one week worth of vacation leave, or simply booking yourself with the country’s top fashion photographer showcasing a younger and fresher you? Know that when it comes to breaking a bad habit, a little reward will get you a long way like never before.

4. Consider Laser Wellness by Contours’ AcuQuit.

Luckily, working towards our wellness goals these days make it a whole lot easier for us. If the news hasn’t reached you just yet, there’s laser acupuncture that is considered as Canada’s ultimate method to quit using a needless tool that will make you stop smoking in less than an hour.

Capitalizing on the age-old Chinese and European acu-points with the use of low-level laser or cold laser, it efficiently targets nicotine centers of the brain that reduces cravings and produces endorphin or known as the “happy hormone” to combat withdrawal.

Its compact but dynamic equipment with electrical simulation on active acupuncture points on the ears, head, arms, and legs simulated one after the other for one minute, the treatment is painless and totally effective way to become non-smoker with little or no cravings in an hour!

What’s more, it’s combined with a home care nicotine detox program with easy to follow self-help guidelines to fight off psychological challenges of quitting.

To know more about AcuQuit, contact main clinic at (632) 5564878, 09274059248 or email drclaudine at rouradermsurgery.com or [email protected] Follow as well social media pages for regular updates on promotions and events: Laserwellness on Facebook.

For a complete list of services and branches, visit www.laserwellness.ph Laserwellness by Contours is located at 2nd floor, South Park Plaza, Paseo de Magallanes, Magallanes Village, Makati City.

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