5 Care Tips For Your Wooden Furniture


Wooden furniture sets are beautiful accents to any home. To preserve their beauty and durability, follow these five care tips.


When it comes to furniture sets, timber furnishings are valuable assets to any home or building. Their unique grain patterns, colors, durability, and timeless appearance make them ideal for many interior designs. Different tree species may also offer variations in hardness, weight, and grain designs, so some people have preferences for specific hardwood types. Keep in mind that your wooden furniture will only last long if you take care of them properly.


Here are five simple tips to prolong your wooden furniture sets’ lives and beauty:

Dust Them Regularly

Dusting is boring and can be harmful if you have allergies. However, dusting your wooden surfaces regularly is a simple and foolproof way of keeping them in pristine condition. Dust layers, when left alone, can stick to your furniture. Large dust particles may scratch and damage them.


Wipe your wooden furnishings using cloth made of cotton, microfiber, or lamb’s wool. Such fabrics are soft and gentle enough to clean your timber furniture sets without scratching them. Use warm water and mild dish soap for a thorough cleaning. This cleaning method is also helpful for taking care of hardwood floors in homes similar to PHirst Park Homes Tanza.

Use Coasters

Condensation rings are one of the most stubborn stains to remove from wooden tables. Use coasters when putting down glasses, mugs, and dishes to prevent these unsightly water stains on your lovely Narra or Kamagong tabletop. Never place hot pots on your wooden table without potholders or placemats. By providing extra care and protection, you’ll keep your timber tables beautiful and clean for much longer.

Use Wood Cleaners

Not all cleaners are made the same. For example, when you use bleach or other chemical cleaners to clean your chairs and coffee tables, you’ll end up with unsightly white stains and ruined grain designs. It is best to use cleaners intended for hardwood surfaces so that your furnishings will continue looking as natural and beautiful as possible.

Re-wax and Re-oil

If you have stored wooden furniture for many years, chances are they need re-oiling to return their shine. Clean your wooden item first before oiling it. The oil also acts as a protective barrier against scratches and other damage.


Besides oiling, you might also need to wax furniture items that were bare when you first bought them. Before waxing, prepare your surface with wool steel, then wipe away any residue with a soft microfiber cloth. Use a sponge to apply the wax, following the grain of your wood. Let it soak for twenty minutes, then wipe away any excess. Your wooden items should be shinier and softer to the touch.

Prevent Environmental Damage

Protect your hardwood furniture by keeping them away from environmental damage. Cover your dining table with a tablecloth to keep the sun damage at bay. You may also place curtains on your windows to block the sunlight entering your home. Also, keep your wooden furniture away from heat sources such as heaters, stoves, and fireplaces to avoid burns and house fires.


Taking care of your wooden furniture doesn’t need to be expensive and tedious. By following these five tips, you’ll prolong the life of your timber furnishings and preserve their beauty and quality.





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