5 love lessons we can learn from AlDub

For 36 years, Eat Bulaga became part of our noontime habit. We saw how the show improved throughout the decades and how it shaped the Philippine Entertainment. Just recently, the show had discovered the two people who will bring back its old glory through a Kalye serye topbilled by Alden Richards and breakthrough star Maine Mendoza. Their loveteam fandom “AlDub” easily became buzzwords of the town until it was hailed a global phenomenon by BBC for breaking historical records in twitter earning 41 million tweets for Tamang Panahon episode.

So the question is, how AlDub became that instant virus that spread love and happiness among the people? Many fans proudly say that aside from the natural romance of AlDub, they learn a lot of values from the kalye serye especially in facing love.

What lessons can we learn from AlDub? Here’s our top five.



To all the people out there who are experiencing that thing called love, its a requisite that you’ll use it as an inspiration, not a distraction. Love should inspire you to become a better person, to be the better version of yourself. I’m sure that you heard it from parents and friends already but it actually works. In kalye serye, Alden and Yaya Dub inspire each other to spread love and happiness.


lola nidora

For teens nowadays, its easy to be blinded on realities of life when you fall in love with someone. In order for you not be lost on the track, ask for advice on your reliable friends or take a courage to ask it in your parents or any guardians you have that you think might help you to face the thing. On the first few episodes of the kalye serye, it showed us that Yaya Dub really listens to Lola Nidora but when she met Alden and eventually, fall in love with him, Yaya Dub became stubborn and did not take the advice of her grandmother to wait for the Tamang Panahon. Lola Nidora became mad on both of them and cried because her grand daughter is not listening to her anymore.


aldub plywood

Since Yaya Dub and Alden violated the rule of Lola Nidora, the notable heavy make-up character of kalye serye has been doing everything to stop the two for meeting each other. It could be remembered that plywood became the worst kontrabida in Philippine history as it blocked the two in meeting each other. However, despite all the obstacles, the two are very resilient in finding ways to show each other what they feel. Thank you to dubsmash and the white board, paper and pentel pen for serving as the communication tools for them to get to know each other and express their infatuation. Fight lang ng fight, yan ang mantra for love!


aldub fan art drawing cartoons yaya dub maine mendoza alden richards blind fold pader wall plywood eat bulaga first meeting

Love is definitely not easy. Alden and Yaya Dub face a lot if struggles, doubts and hatred from the people around them. But they don’t lose hope that one day, time will come that they will gain the trust and confidence of Lola Nidora. So wait for the right moment and trust whatever it brings!



This is proven by AlDub and have seen by millions of people around the globe. The three-hour commercial break-free episode earning 41 million tweets in twitter showed us that there is a Tamang Panahon (right time) for AlDub and it feels like the whole universe conspired in order for them to achieve it. Gaining finally the blessing of Lola Nidora and defying all the odds were all enough for us to realize that there is Tamang Panahon for everything-including LOVE.

Aside from these lessons, what else did you learn from AlDub? Share your thoughts.