5 Million Google accounts hacked – here’s what you should do

Google office building
Google office building

PHILIPPINES – 4.93 million Google accounts are in danger as hackers posted a dump containing usernames and passwords in a Russian Bitcoin forum late Tuesday.

International Business Times reports that the incident was first disovered when a user posted a link on the sub-Reddit /netsec.

The database containns 4.93 million Google accounts beloning to English, Russian, and Spanish-speaking users.

A number of sites have come up that supposedly allows Google users to verify if their accounts have been compromised.

Cybercriminals frequently employ such methods, called “honeypot”, in order to aid illegal activities. These sites normally contain phishing messages, appearing to legitimately offer assistance.

What these site actually do is verify human activity, allowing the attacker to easily target active accounts.

Google users are advised to avoid using such sites.

Instead, take steps to secure your account by changing your password and adding recovery methods, such as specifying a mobile number and an alternate e-mail address.