5 Watsons beauty products loved by Tess Prieto Valdez


When people go out to buy stuff that they need and want for their skin care, one of the things they always look at it price. Everyone wants to save a bit of money and if you can find a quality product at an affordable rate, no one would ever turn it down. This is what Watsons Celebrity Switch aims to inform people about.

Miss Tess Prieto Valdez who is famous for her outlandish outfits has made the switch because she realized that you don’t need to spend a lot for good products. Watsons provides quality beauty products but at a rate that even normal Filipino workers can afford. It really is value for money.


Miss Tessa was even kind enough to share some of her most trusted beauty secrets and with skin like hers, you know that she knows what she’s talking about. Some of her favorite Watsons products are:

1. Watsons Whitening Body Serum

To keep her looking picture perfect she chooses Watsons Whitening Body Serum  that instantly lightens and reduces dark spots and visible imperfections.

2. Watsons Mulberry Whitening Body Lotion

Watsons Mulberry Whitening Body Lotion is designed to nourish and helps to provide whitening effects, giving you fairer and radiant skin.

3. Watsons Strawberry and Yoghurt Cream Handsoap

Watsons Strawberry and Yoghurt Cream Handsoap effectively cleanses and protects hands from dryness

4. Watsons Scented Cream Body Wash with Goat Milk

Watsons Scented Cream Body Wash with Goat Milk to gently slough off dead skin cells and helps to hydrate and brighten the skin

5. Watsons Whitening Milk & Salt Scrub

Watsons Whitening Milk & Salt Scrub to help enhance the skin, and exfoliate dead skin cells.

So next time you need to make a mad dash for a beauty haul, remember that Watsons has everything you need at a much lesser cost. What more could you ask for?