Adding More Problem Solvers with Entrepreneurs: New Bold U returns with School for Disrupters, a two-day masterclass for CEO, Founders, Leaders

With the mission to help existing entrepreneurs, CEOS, leaders and aspiring one scale their business, 2022 Gen T List Awardee and Serial Entrepreneur Ralph Layco is conducting the fourth edition of New Bold University from August 26-27, 2022. Interested students may visit to learn more about the application process.

Also known as New Bold U, the locally inspired version of Silicon Valley-based Singularity University, will feature some of the country’s top minds who are shaking things up in their respective industries.

Mentors like Steve Sy (Father of Filipino E-Commerce and Founder of Great Deals), Avin Ong (Founder, Chairman and CEO of Fredley Group of Companies), and Roland de Ros (Founder and CEO of, the country’s fastest growing Filipino live-streaming app) will provide some insightful wisdom that can be utilized to fulfill life’s purpose, increase chances of succeeding in life, and fortify you against the challenges of the new normal in the midst of the pandemic. They are thought and tribal leaders who will encourage inquiry, development, and creativity while inspiring others to act kindly.

For two days and a Networking night on the 25th, the New Bold U School for Disrupters will hold Live In-person at PETA Theater and stream 8 Online Masterclasses from top CEOs and Founders as Mentors plus five more Expert Classes to help take businesses to the next level.

This year’s theme is “Disruption”, a phenomenon where incumbent brand leaders get challenged by new ones through a unique proposition that either shakes or changes the industry. This  is what the New Bold U current edition is hoping to convey with their newest edition.

The stage of NBU in PETA is inspired by the TED stage where the audience get to learn live from various mentors.

“In these challenging times and a VUCA world we live in, we need to help expand the mindsets of entrepreneurs who are by nature problem solvers. Entrepreneurs turn adversity into opportunity. If we help them improve their mindset, we can have more problem solvers solving our current societal problems, ” Layco said.

New Bold U, along with their students, will have the opportunity to learn latest ideas and strategies in entrepreneurship. “Everything changes. What’s cool now, what works now won’t be the same next quarter. That’s the reason why we need to learn to be adaptive. New Bold U is that venue to help bridge ideas to people” Layco added.

Winning Tik Tok campaigns and strategies, disruptive business frameworks, templates to build DTC brands are just some of the topics that will be discussed in New Bold U.

New Bold U has produced outstanding independent contractors, thought leaders, business leaders, and entrepreneurs who went on to become the CEOs of their respective companies since its founding in 2019.

New Bold U invites all aspiring entrepreneurs in the country to join this year’s edition. You may visit or their official Facebook page at for more details on the enrollment process.