Adobo: Mikey Bustos pokes fun at Disney’s ‘Let It Go’ [video]

Mikey Bustos Adobo Frozen Let It Go parody
Mikey Bustos Adobo Frozen Let It Go parody

Filipino-Canadian entertainer Mikey Bustos has given his own spin on the hit song “Let it go” from the Walt Disney movie, Frozen. Entitled “Adobo”, Mikey sings an ode to this favorite Filipino dish.

Now we have seen (and heard) many different versions of the song in the past, including the Beki version, Kembot Na.

Not to be outdone, Mikey rewrote the song into a story about his mother’s version of the all-time favorite Pinoy ulam (viand) Adobo, complete with music video.

What is his mother’s secret ingredient?

Without further ado – we present to you, Adobo by Mikey Bustos.

The lyrics are below, feel free to sing along (we know you want to!)

Adobo by Mikey Bustos (lyrics)

Sung to the tune of “Let it go” from Disney’s Frozen

My mommy’s cooking our dinner tonight, and in the kitchen she’s the queen, beccause tonight she’s cooking, her most famous Pinoy cuisine, when everybody eats it they say it is heaven sent, but she will never share, her secret ingredient! Let’s look Frank…

A garlic clove? A basil leaf? I want to know her secret recipe, pepper and salt, oh I must look, so I can cook…

Adobo, adobo, I’ll make silip and investigate, adobo, adobo, her secret to amazing taste, silver swan, (Frank: You guys eat swan?) I must know how it’s done,
What could her secret be, to my mom’s adobo recipe.

My mommy’s ilocana, and makes everything taste great,
When you try her cooking, you’ll leave nothing on your plate
Oh look she’s adding pepper corns, native chicken and fresh pork of course,
But I must know, what else she hides, inside,

Adobo, adobo, a classic filipino dish, adobo, don’t you know, white people say it’s so delish,
But no one makes, it better than my Mommy,
Come let us hide and watch, how she makes adobo from scratch, Frank. Come on! Let’s go see!

She heats mantika in a saucepan medium high,
Sautes the bawang and sibuyas til it’s caramelized.
She adds the pork, and then adds chicken then bay leaves,
Sugar and peppercorns, oh look now, here it is…

MSG! OMG! My mommy’s secret is MSG! Mommy, no! Don’t you know, ajinimoto’s so unhealthy?
I’m so mad, at what you’re going to add!
Mom: Naku! Michael, you’re overacting, don’t you know you grew up on MSG.