Alden Richards concert cancelled due to only 74 tickets sold?

A show titled “Sa Totoong Buhay Naman” top-billed by TV heartthrob Alden Richards, scheduled tonight, Feb. 20, at the Philippine Arena has been cancelled as per sources of Inquirer told.

The cancellation was “the producer’s decision,” the sources noted, adding that “only 74 tickets were sold.”

The Philippine Arena has a seating capacity of 55,000.

The show’s poster had a photo of the performers led by Richards, Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola, Jerald Napoles, Ruru Madrid and Jon Lucas, along with the group That’s My Bae.

A staffer at one of the ticket outlets could not give details on the cancellation.

Not Alden’s concert

In an unofficial blog made by AlDub fans, it was cleared out that its not Alden Richard’s concert.

The much awaited show in Philippine Arena scheduled February 21, 2016, where Alden Richards will be a guest performer along with Jose Manalo, Waly Baola, Jerarld Napoles and the group That’s My Bae.

It is wondered why there is no detail of the show’s cancellation.

ALDUB NATION was told that Alden together with Wally,Jose and Jerald Napoles were just guests. IT IS NOT ALDEN’s CONCERT! He will just be singing a few songs. 
If it is his concert, he will promote it. But the only time he promoted it was 2 days before the show.
There were rumors and writeups from broadsheets that Alden Richards concert in various location as such as Dubai and Doha were not received favourably in terms of ticket sales.