AlDub’s gross earnings as product endorsers rise to P200M

Based on conservative estimates by sources interviewed by Inquirer Lifestyle, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, popularly known as “AlDub” combined earnings rose to P200 million and beyond since their  debut on TV as couple in July 2015.

The phenomenal duo has been the faces of the following commercials including McDonald’s, Talk N’ Text, O+ Ultra, 555 Sardines, 555 Carne Norte, Zonrox, Bear Brand Adult Plus, Tide, Downy, Datu Puti, Rejoice, Hapee Toothpaste, Coca-Cola, Lady’s Choice, Bingo Cookie Sandwich, Gard Shampoo, Cadbury, Eskinol, CDO Funtastyk Young Pork Tocino, Snow Caps Glutathione, Belo, Bench, Bench Fix Salon, Metrobank, Neozep, Nescafe, Nescafe Creamy White, Doña Maria Rice, Boardwalk, Nestea, Technomarine, PhilPlans, Avon, Betadine Fresh Bliss, Lucky Me, Lemon Square Cheese Cake/Lava Cake, Sterling Notebook, Magnolia Ice Cream, Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog, and Modess. (see AlDub tops 10 most viewed YouTube ads in PH)

Alden commands a higher amount than Maine, a source who requested anonymity said: “Mga P5 million si Alden, P1.5 million si Maine.”

Those figures, according to the source, became standard rates after AlDub’s series of McDonald’s TV ads were enthusiastically received by the public.

For Alden’s 555 Carne Norte and Maine’s 555 Sardines endorsements, each was paid “definitely seven figures,” said another source. “The rates were reasonable, relative to their popularity.”

A third source, with direct knowledge of the 555 ads’ impact, noted: “Sales increased by over 50 percent overall. Social media stats went through the roof in terms of number of Twitter impressions, Facebook page views and interaction. Brand equity improved; the ads helped 555 stand out in a crowded category of more than 10 brands.”

For Alden’s Hapee toothpaste ad, “he received “P5 million,” said a fourth source.

Based on the 41 product endorsements, AlDub’s combined gross earnings have reached at least P200 million—less 20 to 30 percent commission for GMA Talent Center and Television and Production Exponents (Tape), Alden and Maine’s management, respectively.

That’s not even counting Alden’s fees from shows or mini-concerts here and abroad.

Contracted to sing three songs on minus-one in a Christmas event last year, Alden was paid P350,000—the same amount he will receive in each of a couple of shows this month and in April.

In what could have been the biggest offer yet for a virtually untested tandem—as live performers in a full-length show, at least—an audacious  producer named Joed Serrano dangled P20 million for a two-night AlDub Valentine concert.

Source: Inquirer report by Pocholo Concepcion