Alex confesses hidden feelings on Toni Gonzaga’s marriage

Alex Gonzaga Toni Gonzaga wedding Star Studio magazine April 2015 cover
Alex Gonzaga Toni Gonzaga wedding Star Studio magazine April 2015 cover

MANILA, PHilippines – Alex Gonzaga tearfully confesses her hidden feelings about big sister Toni Gonzaga’s step to married life in a few months in an exclusive interview for Starstudio’s 15th anniversary special.

The “Inday Bote” star turns emotional as she reveals to Starstudio that the Gonzaga home will now be missing Toni when she becomes Mrs. Paul Soriano and how the adjustment period will be like for her especially that she and Toni are known to be very close siblings.

Alex shares that Toni’s marriage will mark a big change in her life since she and Toni have always lived and spent each time together. She also discusses with Starstudio her flourishing career that include a new show, a new album, and a solo concert at the big dome.

Alex also takes Starstudio readers in a tour of her girly room that is connected to Toni’s bedroom that shows their special sister bond.

Starstudio’s 15-year milestone issue also features newlyweds rock star Yeng Constantino and musician Yan Asuncion who dish out more exclusive details about how they met and fell in love. Starstudio readers will also get to see more beautiful photos of Yeng and Yan’s fun wedding.

Starstudio’s 15th anniversary issue is now available at newsstands today and is published by ABS-CBN Publishing, Inc.

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