Alex Gonzaga’s Pure Love tops ratings

Pure Love poster
Pure Love poster

MANILA, Philippines – ABS-CBN’s newest primetime sensation, “Pure Love” won its time slot and beat two of its rival programs, based on data from Kantar Media.

The drama series starring Alex Gonzaga, Yen Santos, Joseph Marco, and Arjo Atayde garnered national TV rating of 22.8% or 10 points higher than its newest competition on GMA, “Seasons of Love Presents” (12.6%) which premiered last Monday (October 6).

“Pure Love” also reigned its time slot last Friday (October 3) when it scored a national TV rating of 22.6% or nine points higher than the finale episode of “MY BFF” that only got 13.3%.

Meanwhile, viewers will surely love the Kapamilya series even more especially now that Diane (Alex) can communicate with Ysabel (Yen), the owner of the body that she is inhabiting.

Through Ysabel’s help, will Diane easily accomplish her mission of collecting three teardrops from three people who truly care for her? From whom will Diane get her second “pure love tear?”

A local adaptation of the well-loved 2011 Korean TV series, “Pure Love” it highlights the value of true love and the strong ties that bind a Filipino family.

Continue to catch primetime TV’s newest sensation, “Pure Love,” weeknights at 5:50PM, before “TV Patrol” on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida.