This is what a modern Pinoy home looks like

Aluform Pre-fab Construction & Consultancy
Aluform Pre-fab Construction & Consultancy

SAN JUAN, Philippines – “Pre-fab” or prefabricated homes are the latest trend in modern home construction.

The technology has been in existence for quite sometime in the Western world, and it is already being used in many mid-rise and high-rise construction projects in the Philippines.

It is only now that it is slowly becoming viable for residential construction projects.

According to Aluform, a pre-fab construction firm based in Quezon City, pre-fab offers a number of benefits over the traditional construction process such as quality, time, standards, and in some cases – cost.

As an example, they erected a simple two-storey house covering 135 square meters in just 60 days. The total cost for such a project figures around 3.5 million pesos.

Aluform currently offers two designs for pre-fabricated homes: Country and Zen.

Aluform pre-fabricated home [photos]

Aluform Pre-fab Construction & Consultancy

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