Ambidextr: FutureNow’s newest enterprise marketing studio

Ambidextr Philippines
Ambidextr Philippines

The Twenty-First Century has been dubbed the “Asian Century” because Asia Pacific is expected to predominate global commerce with major catalysts in the region’s vibrant startup, tech, and innovation ecosystem.

But such a tidal shift is not a foregone conclusion. Across the region, consumers and enterprises alike can be hesitant to adopt the latest technology, preferring instead to stick comfortably to legacy solutions.

This is where market education – and Ambidextr – comes in. Ambidextr is an enterprise marketing studio focused on helping tech companies better communicate their value proposition to stakeholders across Asia Pacific.

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Ambidextr co-founder and managing partner Monette Quiogue believes that it’s an opportune time for the region about to reach an inflection point in terms of technological adoption.

“Southeast Asia in particular is home to the world’s fastest growing economies, including our home base Philippines. The current boom is spurred by its large and young and healthy populations, government infrastructure buildup, and a highly positive climate for innovation,” said Quiogue.

Ambidextr’s particular tools, from public relations, social media management and video production, to thought leadership and content marketing, are all chosen in service of its greater goal: What can help brands accelerate market adoption of their products, solutions, and platforms?

“We are here to help tell the stories of some of the most amazing companies who are defining this ASEAN and APAC renaissance, especially those whose innovations are improving the quality of life and equalizing opportunities in the emerging markets,” said Ambidextr co-founder and managing partner Ezra Ferraz.

Since its founding in March this year, Ambidextr has built a tech-oriented creative team experienced across data journalism, inbound marketing, and digital marketing, to service the needs of Ambidextr’s current roster of clients including those engaged in blockchain innovation, AI, data analytics, and fintech as well as some of the fastest growing communities built around such compelling propositions as live streaming, games, ecommerce, social recruitment and social trading.

The Future is Now

Ambidextr recently came into the fold of FutureNow Ventures (FN), a boutique VC firm whose portfolio includes startups that leverage Microsoft technologies. The FN companies include Barhead, Hammerjack, and Recruitday, as well as those that are innovating their respective verticals, such as Autodeal, Booky, and Shirtly.

At the Paseo Center, Makati headquarters of FN Ventures, Ambidextr thrives among fellow portfolio companies determined to change their industries and establish the thought leadership that drives their industries forward.

That’s the milieu that Ambidextr finds itself in – many ecosystems uniting many different platforms and technologies, and many different disciplines coming together like engineering, marketing and finance, where everyone is finding ways to push a higher and higher quality of life for people and in the course, create great value. Now, in this ecosystem, Ambidextr takes on the role of communicator.

“Thought leadership takes the brisk exchange of ideas that happens everyday in tech hubs like FutureNow, and carries it to the social sphere, where they may find more champions and partners,” said Junie Agcaoili, Ambidextr co-founder and managing partner, who also led corporate communications during the trailblazing days of one of Asia’s most influential tech startups Chikka.