Apl.De.Ap, Bitto merge physical and digital art at Makati launch

MANILA, Philippines — Filipino American rapper Apl.de.Ap and contemporary artist Bitto joined forces with GCrypto, the financial super app by GCash, to unveil a groundbreaking Phygital Art Collection titled “Agents of Peace and Love: Apl x Bitto.”

The collaboration took center stage as Bitto and Apl.de.ap discussed the creative process behind their inaugural phygital art venture with host Jaz Reyes.

In a country where the creative economy flourishes, with a notable 12% increase to P1.6 trillion in 2022, the emergence of phygital art, blending traditional and digital elements, marks a new era of storytelling, inviting audiences to actively immerse themselves in diverse narratives.

GCrypto’s partnership with Apl.de.Ap and Bitto signifies a significant move toward bringing phygital art to the forefront. Luis Buenaventura, GCash Head of Web3, expressed delight in collaborating with these global Filipino artists, breaking artistic boundaries and amplifying local talents globally.

At the Apl.de.Ap x Bitto Phygital Art Launch in Apotheka Makati, Poblacion, art enthusiasts and NFT collectors witnessed the unveiling of “Agents of Peace and Love.” The collection features Apl.de.Ap’s NFT music and Bitto’s Bittoverse artworks.

An art auction, in collaboration with Likha, a homegrown NFT marketplace, and Vinyl on Vinyl, a popular art gallery, showcased a unique canvas painting by Bitto accompanied by original unreleased music by Apl.de.Ap. Proceeds from the auction will benefit the Apl.de.Ap Foundation.

Winning bidder Jax Reyes, a content creator, shared the significance of owning the collaborative artwork, emphasizing the cause and its contribution to nurturing youth through education and creative exploration.

A digital scavenger hunt added excitement to the night, with winners receiving limited edition Apl.de Ap x Bitto merchandise. Guests interacted with phygital art pieces by scanning them with their phones.

Apl.de.ap energized the dance floor with Black Eyed Peas hits, and attendees enjoyed the unveiling of Apl’s new song, “Never.”

The Agents of Peace and Love collection, at the intersection of technology and creativity, brings colors, shapes, and emotions to life. GCrypto, a pioneer in the fintech industry, orchestrated the art launch, featuring a digital certificate of authentication (COA) on the blockchain for peace of mind.

Apl.de.Ap expressed excitement about the collaboration, emphasizing the move of art into new dimensions. Bitto added his gratitude, highlighting the project’s support and grant opportunities for Filipino youth.

Apl.de.Ap, a multi-awarded Filipino Grammy winner, has consistently championed the Filipino creative industry through Web3. His prior NFT collaboration with Sevi, a 10-year-old artist, and the establishment of the Apl.de.Ap Foundation reflect his commitment to empowering Filipino youth.

Bitto, a modern and contemporary artist, draws inspiration from diverse sources, creating vibrant works reflecting personal narratives. His collaboration with global brands precedes his partnership with Apl.de.Ap.

The event saw the presence of key figures from GCash, including Robert Gonzales, Chief People Officer, and Luis Buenaventura, Head of Web3, who noted GCash’s commitment to pioneering financial and artistic innovation.

In 2023, GCash launched its first GCrypto NFT collection, “The House of Ohlala,” featuring renowned Filipino artist Reen Barrera. The GCrypto NFT Hub now offers accessibility to digital art for GCash users, featuring works by National Artist Larry Alcala and others.