Pinoy esports teams dominate at Predator League 2024 Grand Finals

MANILA, Philippines – The Asia Pacific Predator League 2024 Grand Finals, one of the region’s most anticipated esports events, has seen Filipino teams making an indelible mark in its Group Stages. Held in Manila, the tournament featured 26 top teams from across the Asia Pacific, competing in Dota 2 and Valorant for the prestigious Predator Shield and a share of the $200,000 prize pool.

In the Dota 2 category, Filipino teams Blacklist Rivalry and Execration have demonstrated their prowess by advancing to the semi-finals. Blacklist Rivalry, led by the acclaimed midlane player Abed Yusop, dominated Group A with a flawless 4-0 record. Their gameplay, characterized by strategic precision and teamwork, allowed them to overpower their opponents with an average match time of just 30 minutes. Kim ‘Gabbi’ Santos, the team’s offlaner, also made a significant impact with his outstanding performance.

Execration, sharing a group with Blacklist Rivalry, secured their semi-final spot with impressive victories. Despite a loss to Blacklist Rivalry, they triumphed over teams from Malaysia, the Philippines, and India. Mark ‘Bob’ Urbino was a standout, showcasing exceptional skill with an 11 KDA ratio.

Team Aster from China led Group B, with notable performances from midlane player Gu ‘Han’ Jiahan. IHC Esports from Mongolia also made it to the semi-finals, continuing their impressive run in international Dota 2 events.

In the Valorant segment, Philippine team Team Secret demonstrated their dominance by topping Group D. Their remarkable gameplay led them to victory against teams from Malaysia and Singapore. Unfortunately, other Filipino teams like Oasis Gaming and ZOL Esports couldn’t advance past the group stages.

The upcoming weekend promises more thrilling esports action at the SM MOA Arena on January 13 and 14, with teams vying for the top spot in intense, high-level competition.