Gaming enthusiasts’ shopping habits during sales revealed

PHILIPPINES – A recent study by Kaspersky has shed light on the purchasing behaviors of gamers during sale events, revealing fascinating trends in this rapidly growing community. According to the study, a significant 71% of gamers globally tend to maximize their purchases during sale seasons, viewing these events as pivotal opportunities for snagging deals.

The global video games market, expected to reach nearly $390 billion US dollars by 2028, is witnessing an impressive annual growth rate of 9.3% from 2023 to 2028. This surge underscores the rising popularity of gaming as a key form of entertainment worldwide. The Kaspersky study highlights that gamers are not just passionate about playing but also about shopping, particularly during big sale events.

In preparation for sales, 71% of gaming enthusiasts curate wish lists and aim to buy as many listed items as possible. A notable 65% set alerts for new releases, such as games and equipment, to ensure they don’t miss out. The study also points out that sales events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are crucial for gamers, with 74% considering these events important for acquiring games and upgrades.

Interestingly, despite meticulous planning, many gamers (53%) end up making spontaneous purchases. This trend indicates the strong appeal of sales, which often leads to buying items not initially intended. The study further reveals that gamers are open to diverse payment methods, including cryptocurrency, with 57% comfortable using it for online purchases.

Marina Titova, Vice-President of Consumer Product Marketing at Kaspersky, emphasizes the importance of cybersecurity in these transactions. “To ensure that people can shop and play without losing personal data or money, we are constantly enhancing our security solutions,” she states. Kaspersky Premium, for instance, offers online payment protection and a reliable VPN to ensure a safe gaming and shopping experience.

Kaspersky also shares essential tips for secure online shopping. These include typing the store’s URL directly into the browser, using temporary or virtual credit cards, and managing passwords through a reliable password manager.

As the gaming community continues to grow, their shopping habits during sales events offer valuable insights into the intersection of gaming and consumer behavior. The full report, ‘The Super Sale Game: who’s the winner? A study on how we shop and pay’, is available for further details.