Bacardi has a new bottle design

Bacardi unveils new bottle design
Bacardi unveils new bottle design

MANILA, Philippines – Today’s consumers are blazing trails that previous generations have not explored. Young, creative, and determined, these passionate dreamers are not afraid to make bold decisions. Ever innovative, they use everything around them as inspiration, so that they can enjoy life to the fullest.

The passion that drives millennials—today’s taste makers—is the same passion that has fuelled Bacardi in the past 150 years.  Since 1862, Bacardi has established its heritage of relentless passion and exquisite craftsmanship among those whose spirit can never be tamed, and has continued to evolve and adapt to the constantly changing world. Yet it has proudly remained true to its roots, paying homage to the heritage of the past while building its future legacy.

Embracing the challenges of the future, Bacardi is launching a new bottle design that perfectly reflects its untameable heritage in the alcohol industry and its willingness to deepen its affinity with its customers, who care as much about packaging as the brand. A convergence of the old and the new, it fuses the elements that have defined Bacardi over the past century and a half with new elements that today’s consumers would relate to.

The new Bacardi bottle tells the legacy of Bacardi with its old logo style and new hand cut fonts inspired by art deco from the old office, the family history, and an image of Don Facundo, Bacardi’s founder. The bat which has graced Bacardi bottles since 1862 has been reinstated to an older, truer, and more traditional design in the new bottles. Adorned with the Royal Spanish Coat of Arms alongside a selection of medals, the new bottles demonstrate why Bacardi is the world’s most awarded rum since 1862.

Beyond aesthetics, the new Bacardi bottles have been designed with improved weight distribution for better ergonomics. Made especially to suit the needs of today’s professional bartenders, the design allows for a well balanced pour, extra bartender flair, and makes the bottle stand out in the bar or shelf.  The redesigned bottle was developed in consultation with bartenders around the world. In addition, all paper labels are made from recycled cane fiber, a by-product of rum making. Most importantly, the new bottle reflects Bacardi’s unbridled passion for everything it does, including design.

Each new bottle preserves the expertly crafted rum with original family recipes which have been passed down from the generations.

“The new bottle reflects the dynamism of Bacardi, and its passion to evolve along with the tastes and needs of its consumers. We want to excite them with the functionality of this new bottle, while letting them revel in the proud heritage of the brand,” said Celine Louis, Brand Manager – Bacardi Philippines.

Indeed, Bacardi continues to evolve and adapt to a world that changes constantly with its craft perfected through time.

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