Barbie Xu overwhelmed by support as Meteor Garden comeback tops ratings

Meteor Garden
Meteor Garden

The Meteor Fever is officially on! Filipinos all over the world warmly received the return of the “Meteor Garden” on Philippine television Monday afternoon, as part of ABS-CBN’s celebration of more than ten years of Asianovelas in the country.

For its pilot telecast, “Meteor Garden” hit a national TV rating of 16.2% compared to two of its rival programs from GMA, “Innamorata” (9.3%) and “Borrowed Wife” (9.6%), according to data from Kantar Media.

The phenomenal Taiwanese series also trended worldwide via social networking site Twitter and swept five out of the top ten worldwide trending topics.

Even Shan Cai herself, Barbie Xu, showed her support and tweeted about the much-awaited comeback of “Meteor Garden.”

“I heard the Philippines is going to play ‘Meteor Garden’ again. Thank you for your overwhelming love and continued support. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as you loved it ten years ago. Thank you and I hope to see you again soon,” said Barbie in her personal Twitter account @itsbarbiexu.

Nostalgic tweets poured from netizens who reminisced their younger years back when the Meteor Fever first hit in 2003. Filipinos online also raved about the gorgeous boys of F4, Dao Ming Si’s pineapple hairstyle, the red card, and even requests for the Asianovela’s weekend replays.

ABS-CBN’s newest afternoon series “Moon of Desire” also created a buzz last Monday after it launched back-to-back with “Meteor Garden.”

Viewers warmly received the story of Ayla (Meg Imperial) and scored 16.6% in national TV rating vs GMA’s “Villa Quintana” with 9.7%. The show also landed a spot in the top Twitter trending topics worldwide.

Don’t get left behind and watch afternoon’s televisions newest summer habit. Watch “Moon of Desire” after “It’s Showtime” followed by “Meteor Garden” in ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold.