Be Your Most Vibrant Self with Liese


MANILA, Philippines – Vibelle, Liese Creamy BHC’s official Filipino distributor, is making sure that Filipinas can skip the long hours at salon and avoid its expensive costs by just grabbing a box of Liese Creamy BHC and allotting half an hour at home for some good old DIY hair coloring.

Color your hair with some bubbly. Most mainstream hair color treatments in today’s markets are crème type, which can be quite difficult touse, especially when you’re doing it yourself. This is where Liese Creamy Bubble Hair Color (BHC) comes in. Japan’s no.1 hair color brand is here and it is ready to change how Filipinas color their hair athome.

Liese Creamy BHC sets itself apart with its unique formula that leaves long-lasting effects through a hassle-free process. With its foam type formula, it offers Filipinas an easier alternative that still results in even and vibrant colored hair. In just three easy steps:

  1. Mix the formula in the bottle with the foamer cap
  2. Massage thesolution into the hair
  3. Rinse the solution off after 30 minutes

Liese Creamy BHC offers sixcolor variants, namely Rose Tea Brown; Raspberry Brown; chestnut Brown; Milk Tea Brown; Milky Beige;and Marshmallow Brown, that Filipinas can choose from.