Why is Bea Alonzo making online films for free?

Bea Alonzo and Gong Yoo are ASUS' newest brand ambassadors
Bea Alonzo and Gong Yoo are ASUS' newest brand ambassadors

MANILA, Philippines – Bea Alonzo is putting her short films online, stearting with a 2-part mini-series intitled “Never Let Me Forget”.

The actress first hinted at the project during the launch of the Zenfone 4 held in Pasay City. The story plays on the idea of fleeting yet delicate moments. Properly captured, they can give way to the renewal of all kinds of relationships.

Never Let Me Forget is an artistic telling of Alette and Matěj’s tale, previous sweethearts who decided to part ways because of their very different worlds, and how the all kinds of moments shared in-between them help the would-have-been couple to endure and eventually rekindle.

Known as the Movie Queen of her Generation, Alonzo is set to play the role of female lead Alette, alongside Matěj Loub, a Czech sweetheart who is currently based in the Philippines, who will be the playing himself.

When asked about her thoughts on doing her first venture into the world of online films with ASUS Philippines, Bea expressed her excitement about getting to combine her love for acting and her passion to endorse a good product all at once.

“It’s a good thing because I get to do two things that I love at the same time,” Alonzo affirms.

The first episode of Never Let Me Forget is set to air on September 1 at 9:00 p.m. on the ASUS Philippines Facebook page.