Metro Channel’s ‘Beached’ takes us on 6 summer activities to try in the country

MANILA, Philippines – With the hottest season of the year officially on, you might be one of those who have already planned a beach getaway or outdoor trip to cool down and make up for the past two summers spent cooped up at home.

To add a little more excitement to your long-awaited vacation, we’ve rounded up some must-try activities based on Metro Channel’s travel show, “Beached,” that you can get inspiration from and, hopefully, be able to do with your friends or family.

1. Go ziplining in Biaringan, Romblon

The Biaringan zipline is the only zipline in the Philippines that goes from one island to another. You’ll enjoy this zipline adventure, which has a total length of 1,350 meters to and fro, so it’s surely something to check off your bucket list in case you travel to Romblon. Not to mention the view is marvelous!

2. Swim with whale sharks in Sorsogon

This activity is not for the faint-hearted but if you love the ocean and have always been fascinated with sea creatures, this would be a dream come true for you. This remarkable experience—which even made “Beached” co-host Rachel Peters cry—will also make you appreciate the beauty of marine life even more.

3. Experience skydiving in San Vicente, Palawan

Sure, leaping off a plane thousands of feet above the ground sounds terrifying, but skydiving is definitely something that a lot of people cannot wait to check off their bucket list. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you should surely take cue from Marc and Rachel who described their respective experiences as “so fun” and “absolutely spectacular.” Get ready to shrug off those nerves and sign up for this electrifying activity.

4. Navigate Boracay’s marine life via an underwater scooter

Ever wanted to have a stroll underwater? Then this one is for you! Unlike helmet diving, where one needs to be cautious and stay in one place, underwater scooter or HydroBOB allows someone to go around more comfortably while submerged in the ocean. It might be harder to enjoy for those who are claustrophobic, but the thrilling experience of being up close with marine life will surely convince those who have doubts to try this one out.

5. Try canyoneering in Badian, Cebu

If you are up for some challenging (but worth it!) outdoor adventure, you should definitely take on canyoneering, which involves travelling down creeks or streams within canyons. As seen on an episode of “Beached,” Marc and co-host Maggie Wilson embarked on this fun adventure by climbing, jumping, sliding down, and even swinging as they made their exit in Kawasan Falls—a pristine natural wonder that will surely exceed your expectations.

6. Take a tour of the Piñones mangrove forest in Puerto Rico on eFoil

Local destinations are undoubtedly top-tier, but if you’re setting your sights on international travel this year and have saved up enough for new escapades, why not visit Puerto Rico? Marc and guest co-host Miss Earth Puerto Rico 2018 Krystal Xamairy explore the “Island of Enchantment” on one of the most recent episodes of “Beached.” Among the places they explored was the Piñones mangrove aboard the local invention, eFoil, a self-propelled hydrofoil surfboard that lifts someone off the water using a remote control. This water sport is truly one for the books!

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