Prevent diaper rash with Bepanthen Baby Ointment

PHILIPPINES – When it comes to changing your baby’s diaper, you can probably do it with your eyes closed. And while you’ve got the routine down to an art by now, you still wonder if there are solutions to your concerns when it comes to nappy care. What’s causing the dryness or irritation in your baby’s skin, could it be the products that you’re using, or maybe the way you change their diaper?

Last April 26, Bepanthen Baby Philippines held a private media launch to discuss the importance of our babies’ skin health and how to take care of it, given its sensitivity. During the #BepanthenBaby PR Launch, Bepanthen Baby Ointment was introduced as a way to keep your baby’s diaper area soothed, protected, and cared for.

The event, hosted by mom Roxanne Montealegre, was joined by Vanessa Zamora, Dermatology Marketing Manager of Bepanthen Philippines and Country Medical Lead For Bayer Consumer Health, Dr. Leah Manio along with actress and mom of three, Nadine Samonte and mommy blogger Ciara Magallanes, also known as Mommy Diaries PH.

To start off the program, Dr. Leah Manio spoke about our babies’ skin health. She highlighted the importance of taking care of our babies’ skin health as babies have thinner and more permeable skin barrier because they are still developing. Dr. Leah also shed light on how exposure to wetness and poop for an extended time and chafing from ill-fitting diapers could get babies’ skin barrier damaged and cause skin irritation.

With these challenges, mommy guests Ciara and Nadine were quick to share their experiences in handling skin irritation and how heartbreaking it is to see their babies in discomfort because of this. Mommy Ciara shared that “it’s amazing how our babies taught us how to be a parent” as challenges such as handling skin irritation are always a learning experience for every mom. Mommy Nadine also echoed Ciara’s sentiment, “every day is a learning experience on how to parent your child as each child is different.”

Understanding the challenge, Doc. Leah shared some tips on how to deal with skin irritation in our babies’ diaper area. Nappy care doesn’t need to be complicated. Make nappy care easy and worry-free for you and your baby with Bepanthen Baby Ointment. It has Triple Action formula that soothes, cares, and protects your baby’s diaper area. With the help of Dexpanthenol, Bepanthen Baby Ointment penetrates the skin to enhance the regeneration of your baby’s skin cells.

It soothes your baby’s diaper area, especially if it’s prone to dryness or chafing. As a mom, you would have probably wondered why your child was crying, only to find out that it was because of a wet diaper and irritated skin. When you solve the root cause of the discomfort of your baby, they will hopefully also be less fussy.

It also cares for your baby’s skin, keeping the diaper area hydrated, and lessening the possibility of irritation or skin damage.

Lastly, it protects from irritants in a gentle yet effective way. In comparison to products with Zinc Oxide, Bepanthen Baby keeps friction lower and forms an effective lipid barrier that is breathable ensuring optimal hydration levels in the skin. Products with Zinc Oxide has the tendency to dry out and crack over time, while Bepanthen Baby Ointment’s protective barrier stays intact for at least 10 hours* with the flexibility needed for active babies.

Suitable for babies’ delicate and fragile skin, Bepanthen Baby Ointment is fragrance and colorant free and contains no preservatives or parabens. It is also hypoallergenic, making it possible for those with sensitive skin to use it, or lessening the chances of your baby getting an allergic reaction from using it.

When it comes to your baby’s nappy care, our baby’s comfort and security is a must! Soothe, care, and protect your baby with Bepanthen Baby Ointment, and you’ll see for yourself that Happy Bum, Happy Baby!

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