When Is The Best Time For You To Post Content On Instagram?

The popularity of Instagram is immense today among businesses and individuals. It has over one billion active subscribers and its users are growing day by day. When it comes to Instagram for business brand marketing, most business owners are faced with a common question- when is it the best time for you to post on Instagram? This is one aspect that can determine your brand’s success or failure in this platform.

How can you find out the best time to post on Instagram?

As a business owner, you need to keep the following two objectives in mind before you post content on Instagram-

  • Increase your follower count
  • Boost user engagement

Ever since Instagram reached one billion users in 2018, it has evolved a lot since its inception. As a result, you must know when it is the right time to post content as if you are not careful; your posts will be lost in the crowd of countless other posts.

If you examine Instagram, you will observe that everybody does not check the platform at similar times. This is where you need to observe your followers and their behavior. The goal here is to ensure that your content reaches as many people as possible. It should not get lost or buried in their newsfeed. So, as a business owner, you need to discover the right formula for determining the best time to post your Instagram content to your potential and present customers.

Find the right time

As a business owner, you invest a lot of time and effort in managing your Instagram profile. However, now you must take it to the following level- optimizing your content and posts to boost engagement.

The first step to optimizing your posts is identifying when your followers are online the most. You can find this out by visiting the Instagram Analytics on your page.

This is simple; you need to visit your “My Profile” section and evaluate the metrics. Check when you can see the most web traffic. There is a possibility that most of your Instagram followers love to get up early and check their feeds. On the other hand, your followers might be very busy, and they only work during the day to check their Instagram posts at night?

Think of the time as your deadline

When you study the Instagram metrics, you determine the right time to post your content, which helps you plan them. You should schedule the posts as per the time. The time should be considered as your deadline. You want to make the best use of the peak time to get user engagement and the highest levels of readership.

Keep your time zone in mind

In addition to the above, you must keep your region’s time zone and the time zone of your followers in mind. For instance, you might be based in New York and your followers, mostly in Los Angeles. It is here that you should consider posting content as per their time zone and not yours.

What if you have several followers across the globe?

Now, if you have several followers across the world, it is obvious that determining a single time zone for posting content is a mammoth task. Here, you need to strategize and see those regions where you have the maximum follower counts. So, please make a list of these regions and compare them. When you get the area where you have maximum followers for your Instagram account, keep that time zone in mind and post your content to optimize user engagement and interaction.

Like the right time, you need to balance your posting schedules with odd times too. This helps you tap into different time zones across the globe and get a bigger change in reaching out to the maximum number of followers.

Track when your peers post their content on Instagram

If you are new to Instagram, you must know what your competitor’s post. Your content should have qualified with the right hashtags. You can take a look at their Instagram Stories too. You can view Instagram Stories without them knowing if you want to remain incognito. You can do so by not fully loading the Story while you press your finger on it and drag it to the right without leaving the phone screen. Of course, this needs some practice for you to make anonymous views perfect.

The best days for you to post on Instagram

If you like to post content regularly on Instagram, your profile metrics will help you as to the best days for you to post.

Here, it would help if you examined the tab “Days” and evaluate the most popular days for you to post content. Some studies might reveal that days in the middle of the week are the most popular so before you follow this advice, do your research first.

Check your metrics for guidance

Your profile metrics are the best guide for determining the best days of the week for you to post content on Instagram. Studies reveal that most user interactions and engagements are conducted mostly during the workdays of the week. You need to determine what the days that works for you are and use that accordingly.

Again, there are some experts on Instagram that consider weekends are not great for posting. So, it is here that you should check your profile metrics and see whether your followers are active on weekends or not. In case they are, there is no harm in posting. However, most users do not use Instagram as it is a family day for them when it comes to Sundays. However, here again, you might be lucky and have your followers active on Sunday. Post content if they are. If they are not active on a Sunday, keep them and yourself a rest day. In this way, you can determine the best day to post content and boost user engagement and sales with success!


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