Bigo Live concludes its First BIGO Philippines Awards Gala Held In-Person

Leading global livestreaming platform Bigo Live recently concluded its annual BIGO Philippines Awards Gala 2022, held physically for the first time since last year’s inaugural virtual edition. The event, which was held at The Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan in Quezon City on December 9, 2022, saw the attendance of over 200 Bigo Live broadcasters, hosts, families, and partners, who came together to celebrate Bigo Live Philippines’ vibrant and dynamic community of hosts and users and bore witness to the sheer extent of talent the platform has to offer.

BIGO Philippines Awards Gala marks a culminating point in Bigo Live Philippines’ calendar of events which has seen the rise of hosts, agencies, partners, and broadcasters, many of whom have become local celebrities. Hosted by actor-comedian Ian Red (BIGO ID: ianred) and actor-singer Nicole Cando (BIGO ID: simplynicole2021), the event continued Bigo Live’s annual tradition of giving recognition to the people who have been pivotal in building the platform’s role in incubating Filipino talent and community-building.

The star-studded event, which recognized the best of Bigo Live Philippines’ community through over twenty award categories, saw Kyla Arsenio (BIGO ID: kyarsn) winning Most Popular Star of the Night, James Daniel as the Most Loyal SVIP, Prime Agency (PH-PTA2) as the Agency of the Year, and Ikang Dela Fuente (BIGO ID: Ikangmo) as the Most Popular New Host of the Year. The night also saw Jannine Cartagena (BIGO ID: ninjajannine) win a record-breaking three awards including PK Guinness Record Breaker of the Year, GALA PK Star and GALA Ranking Star.

“It is an incredible honor to be recognized as the Philippines’ best agency for the second consecutive year, which is testament to the dedication and perseverance of our agency’s members throughout the year. The Bigo Live Philippines community is an inclusive and welcoming one, and we will strive to showcase the best of Filipino content and talent for the world to see,” Bonnie Yu, Agency Founder of Prime Agency said.

“On behalf of our agency’s branch founders, supporters, hosts and admins, we extend our sincere gratitude to Bigo Live Philippines for the opportunities given to us and for recognizing us with this prestigious award. We will build on our agency’s growth and will continue to lift Filipino users and nurture them to become the best versions of themselves,” Cess Angeles, Agency Manager of Prime Agency continued.


BIGO Philippines Awards Gala also featured captivating performances from some of Bigo Live Philippines’ top talents including Mico Chua (BIGO ID: tmg_mico), Johann Celindro (BIGO ID: itsJohann), Erika Gervacio (BIGO ID: itserika1301), Emie Conjurado (BIGO ID: emieloveee), and Nikki Enriquez (BIGO ID: NikkiEnriquez). Event attendees were also treated to a special performance from Ann Raniel (BIGO ID: annraniel) of Idol Philippines fame, who graced the stage to close BIGO Philippines Awards Gala with powerful renditions of ‘The Power’ and ‘Ikot-Ikot’.

“We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to finally hold our annual BIGO Philippines Awards Gala physically, after our inaugural virtual edition last year. For a long time, we had been looking forward to the meeting the very people who make our community what it is today, and it was very exciting to finally see this vision come into fruition,” Chancy Chen, Country Manager of Bigo Live Philippines said.

“The Filipino community has powerfully captivated all of us with just how talented they are, all while making meaningful change in the community and shaping their communities in a way that’s inclusive, relevant, and empowering. We eagerly await what the next year has in store for us and see our Bigo Live Philippines community continue to push the boundaries in exemplifying what Filipino resilience means,” Chancy Chen added.

The BIGO Philippines Awards Gala 2022 is part of an ongoing series of regional localized gala events organized by Bigo Live to recognize the best of the platform’s local talents and broadcasters. These events will culminate in the fourth annual BIGO Awards Gala 2022, which will be held at the historic Capitol Theatre in Singapore on January 7 2023, where some of Bigo Live’s most exceptional and talented broadcasters will fly into the island nation from all over the world for a night of celebration and diversity. Centered around the theme of “We Live Together”, the upcoming BIGO Awards Gala 2022 will honor Bigo Live’s global and regional broadcasters who have captivated their audience with creativity, and those who have transformed their communities by making the best use of livestreaming in the past year.

Since its inception in 2016, Bigo Live has emerged as an international industry leader and key contributor to the global creator economy with more than 400 million users across 150 countries worldwide. Throughout the past year, Bigo Live has been enlarging its talent pool of broadcasters and content creators and expanding its localized premium content library with a focus on pan-entertainment offerings, social commerce, music, and gaming, via various cross industry partnerships and a series of localized in-market activities globally.

As part of its ongoing efforts to provide its users with an engaging and immersive livestreaming experience, the platform launched and introduced innovative functions in 2022. These include ‘Virtual Live’, a virtual and augmented reality-enabled feature that allows users to create personalized 3D avatars to represent themselves and communicate with others, and ‘Community’, a first-of-its-kind interactive feature allowing users to create, join and manage online communities and connect with other users with similar common interests.

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Bigo Live is one of the world’s fastest-growing livestreaming social communities where users broadcast in real-time to share life moments, showcase their talents and interact with people from around the world. Bigo Live has around 400 million users in over 150 countries and is currently the market leader in the livestreaming industry. Launched in March 2016, Bigo Live is owned by BIGO Technology which is based in Singapore.