Blind teacher becomes mega millionaire: her story will inspire you

Rosalind Wee, legally blind seaweed magnate (photo via SME Nation)
Rosalind Wee, legally blind seaweed magnate (photo via SME Nation)

Rosalind Wee is a Filipino-Chinese woman born in Jolo, Sulu. She is an entrepreneur who became legally blind after suffering a 14-hour brain tumor operation which left her with only 25% vision on both eyes. Currently the president of Pearl S. Buck Philippines, an organization devoted to providing shelter for displaced children, she shares her inspiring story of her journey to becoming the biggest producer of carrageenan or seaweed powder, a key ingredient in food processing.

Broadcast journalist Karen Davila shows how a legally blind teacher beat all the odds to become a mega millionaire and the leader of one of the country’s largest food formulation companies in “My Puhunan” tomorrow (May 21).

Rosalind ventured into different business before finally thriving in the production of carrageenan, which is extracted from seaweed and a natural additive used in gelling and thickening food products such as ice cream, beer, milk, and gelatin.

Her company processes 400 tons of seaweed every month and supplies food stabilizers to major companies in the U.S., England, and Japan. Eighty percent of the carrageenan in the world comes from the Philippines, and Rosalind’s company is the largest producer in the country.

[stextbox id=”astig”]What’s even more remarkable is that Rosalind was able to expand her business despite being legally blind. She survived a brain tumor surgery years ago that left her right eye blind. She also lost half her vision in her left eye.

Catch Rosalind’s inspiring story in “My Puhunan” this Wednesday (May 21), 4Pm on ABS-CBN. For updates, follow @mypuhunan on Twitter or like[/stextbox]

(photo via SME Nation)