Burger King’s Ghost Whopper returns for Halloween – here’s how you can taste it

Have you ever been ghosted? People talk about ghosting as if it’s always around the corner much like actual ghosts who linger in our midst. When someone ghosts, they deliberately cut off connection with no explanation, justification, or warning.

Nobody wants to be ghosted. Horrific as it is to be left overthinking, anxious, and self-doubting one’s worth. But here’s someone or something that’s worth screaming for – get ready for a jump scare this Halloween because the spookiest yet most delicious treat is making a comeback!

Burger King’s Ghost Whopper is back to give you the shock of your life and give you a hauntingly #GhostedByWhopper experience.

The crowd-favorite Ghost Whopper is packed with a flame-grilled patty, fresh vegetables, and creamy mayo with a frighteningly little twist. Like the icing on a cake, the Ghost Whopper is

sandwiched with limited-edition buns that will transport you to a spooky dimension with every scrumptious-filled bite.

“We at Burger King always seek opportunities to push the boundaries of creativity in highlighting our story. While we serve elevated yet affordable flame-grilled burgers, we value connection with everyone who loves food and make way for exciting spaces for them to celebrate the Burger King experience. With the Ghost Whopper making its comeback for Halloween, we hope to see everyone have an amazing ghost-busting week,” John Velasco, General Manager of Burger King Philippines said.

Nevermind the person who ghosted you because Burger King’s Ghost Whopper will never leave you hanging. With its unforgettable flame-grilled flavor, you are guaranteed satisfaction! So be on the lookout for the ghost hour starting October 29 until November 4 on Grabfood. Order between 3AM and 4AM for a minimum purchase of P250 and get the Ghost Whopper for free, along with free delivery! But if you want to enjoy it solo, you can get it for a special price of just P99 at this hour.

Set your alarms this Halloween season and you might just get the Ghost Whopper to knock beneath your floors…I mean, doors!

If you want all treats and no tricks, be #GhostedByWhopper while you can. It’s a ghastly experience you won’t regret!