Caltex Introduces The All-New Techron® With Clean & Glide Technology

In it’s effort to provide the best possible fuel for motorists, Caltex  is introducing the new and improved Caltex with Techron®™. The signature additive is now reformulated with new Clean & Glide technology that gives the same proven cleaning performance that you’ve come to expect from Techron®, but now with friction modifiers which are designed to protect metal components and improve efficiency by reducing friction.

The new and improved Caltex with Techron® offers motorists a 5-Star fuel with five enhanced benefits – improved fuel economy, maximized power, reliable performance, lower emissions and a smoother drive.

  • Improved fuel economy: A clean engine ensures that your fuel-to-air ratio is optimized, allowing your vehicle to take full advantage of the energy in your fuel. Only Caltex has the proven cleaning power of Techron®. It cleans your fuel system to ensure an engine runs more efficiently, helping you travel further on less fuel.
  • Maximized power: In order to perform at maximized power, your engine requires unrestricted air and fuel delivery which cannot happen when deposits have clogged your vehicle’s valves and port fuel injectors. Techron®’s unique chemistry is proven to remove and protect your engine from deposits in these critical areas. Clean & Glide technology further helps to reduce friction, helping maximize power.
  • Reliable performance: A cleaner engine means you can trust your vehicle to perform reliably everyday by ensuring optimum combustion and enhancing drivability. Techron removes dirty engine deposits to help your car start smoothly, without stuttering. Clean & Glide technology further helps to reduce wear which helps enhance engine protection.
  • Lower emissions: Our unique formulation prevents harmful deposits which can cause increased exhaust emissions of hydrocarbons, oxides of nitrogen and carbon monoxide…
  • Smoother drive: A vehicle with an efficient and clean fuel system is more responsive than a car that is choked up with deposits. This gives you a smoother ride and enhanced drivability.


The ability of the new formulation to protect metal surfaces was proven in the High Frequency Reciprocating Rig (HFRR) laboratory test. The standard diesel lubricity test was modified to safely assess the lubricating properties of gasoline. The results indicated that when compared to its predecessor in a controlled environment, Caltex’s new formulation with Clean & Glide technology was able to reduce metal wear and friction by an average of 38 percent and 41 percent respectively using gasoline from around Asia Pacific and South Africa. This is important because Caltex with Techron® is formulated to instantly reduce friction in the upper cylinder area of your engine. With continued use, Clean & Glide technology will begin to build–up in your car’s crankcase lubricant to replenish friction modifiers that are consumed during normal operation. Separate laboratory tests simulating this build-up of Techron® in the lubricant demonstrated the effectiveness of Clean & Glide technology™ to improve fuel efficiency by up to 3 percent, when compared to the previous formulation. A real world fleet tests which accumulated about 600,000 kms were also conducted, to ensure the final formula provides optimum results for the everyday motorist.

The new and improved Techron with Clean & Glide Technology will be available across all gasoline grades at Caltex service stations starting July 1. To gain the benefits of a more efficient engine more quickly, motorists may opt for Caltex Platinum  with Techron®, with 50 percent more active ingredients of Clean & Glide technology™ to make it faster-acting. Caltex Platinum with Techron® is set to replace the Gold variant.

The addition of Clean & Glide Technology is another relevant innovation from Caltex™, joining the ranks of TechronD for diesel engines and Techron Concentrate Plus, a concentrated additive that provides a deep clean for gasoline vehicles in one tankful.

Watch the video below with engineering expert  Grant Imahara, formerly of Discovery’s Mythbusters series, to creatively demonstrate the benefits of Clean & Glide technology. This is a clip from a 3-part commercial video which will be showcased on television soon.


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