Can Sharlene San Pedro save herself?

'Wansapanataym Presents Si Lulu at Si Lily Liit'
'Wansapanataym Presents Si Lulu at Si Lily Liit'

Kapamilya teen stars Sharlene San Pedro, Jairus Aquino, and Francis Magundayao will double up the fun and romance this Saturday (April 12) in the last episode of their “Wansapanataym” special, ‘Si Lulu at Si Lily Liit.’

As Dondie (Paul Salas) locks up Lily (Sharlene) in his home, Lulu (also portrayed by Sharlene) joins forces with Harvey (Jairus) and Adrian (Francis) to help her in saving her twin sister.

Will Dondie finally set Lily free when he realizes how important her family and friends are to her? In the end, will sisters Lulu and Lily, and brothers Harvey and Adrian learn to accept and forgive each other despite their differences?

Also starring in ‘Si Lulu at Si Lily Liit’ are Desiree del Valle, Assunta de Rossi, John Lapus, Ron Morales, John Medina, JB Agustin, at Nikki Bagaporo. It was written by Noreen Capili and directed by Manny Palo.

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