The new Canon imagePROGRAF large format printers is set to make consumers’ printed materials stand out from the rest

MANILA, Philippines – Canon announced the launch of its imagePROGRAF large format printers (LFP) that are the first in the world to offer Aqueous Pigment Fluorescent Ink. With businesses now operating in full capacity, fierce brand competition across multiple industries is expected. That is why investing in the right display materials to attract customers is crucial and can be instrumental in standing out from the pack.

Canon’s new LFPs add significant value to printer users. Both the imagePROGRAF GP-540 (44 inch) and GP-520 (24 inch) use 10 pigmented aqueous inks and fluorescent pink ink to create vivid and colorful Point-of-Purchase (POP) displays, while the imagePROGRAF GP-5300 (36-inch) and GP-5200 (24-inch) use 5 pigmented aqueous inks plus fluorescent pink ink to meet the market’s demand for quality and vibrant campaign visuals.

Each comes equipped with a new Radiant Infusion technology that enhances bright and soft color reproduction by layering a newly developed fluorescent pink ink with other inks on the paper surface during printing; and a new web software PosterArtist that allows users to create professional-looking posters easily, even if you have no skills or experience developing your own creative materials.

“We at Canon aim to address the evolving needs of businesses by constantly innovating printing technology. With the launch of Canon imagePROGRAF series and the new Poster Artist web application, our goal is to bring innovative printing solutions that suit the needs of various industries and help businesses easily create and print quality marketing materials,” said Mr. Kenichiro Kitamura, Business Imaging Solutions Director of Canon Marketing (Philippines) Inc.

PANTONE™-calibrated License for A Wide Range of Applications

The new imagePROGRAF GP series has been awarded the world’s first PANTONE-calibrated license for “PANTONE PASTELS & NEONS GUIDE Coated”, which includes fluorescent and pastel colors.
In addition, the GP-540 and GP-520 models can achieve 99% coverage of the “PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated” used in a wide range of applications, such as printing and design, and obtained a further PANTONE-calibrated license.

By adhering to these industry-wide standards, the new imagePROGRAF printers can reproduce colors as they are intended in the design, making them a vital end-stage in the printing process.

imagePROGRAF GP-520 and GP-540 – For the Widest Color Gamut in the Canon Line Up

Fluorescent pink ink is at the heart of the new Radiant Infusion technology. Users have the choice of printing with or without it but adding this special ink in specific areas such as text, clipart, and graphics in pink and orange will create an exceptional neon-like color expression and make stunning POP art graphics.

The imagePROGRAF GP-520 and GP-540 feature new red, orange, green, violet, and fluorescent pink inks specially developed to maximize new printer performance. These new inks expand the range of color reproduction possible, empowering the latest imagePROGRAF series with the widest color gamut to date, and enabling physical output to mirror visuals on monitors.

This highly versatile printing workhorse is equally adept at bringing to life vivid graphics and meeting the demands of the professional domain of proof-printing where color reproduction accuracy is of paramount importance.

Superior Media Handling – Smart Roll Paper Set and Multifunctional Roll System

To improve operator efficiency, an intelligent media handling function automatically performs paper supply and feeding, detects the paper type and width, estimates the remaining amount of paper, and adjusts the condition to enable printing, beginning by simply placing the roll paper in the printer. In addition, the Multifunction Roll System available on the imagePROGRAF GP-540 and GP-520 achieve dual roll feeding, and rewinding printouts on roll (a media take-up unit). By mounting an optional roll unit, high-volume continuous printing becomes possible, and businesses can opt to use two rolls of the same media type, or even two different sizes and types of roll paper. In addition, the lower unit can also be used as a take-up unit for collecting the output from the upper unit.

Raster Image Processor (RIP) Support to Assist a Variety of Output Workflows

Leading RIP vendors in designing, proofing output, print services for large format printers, such as Caldera, Ergosoft, CGS, DEVStudio, DINAX, Shiraz, EFI, Eisfeld, ONYX, and SAi are on board in development alongside the introduction of the imagePROGRAF GP-540 and GP-520.

With such class-leading support from leading RIP vendors, businesses can expect to deploy software RIP to suit their preferred printing workflow.

imagePROGRAF GP-5300 and GP-5200 – Powerful and Versatile Poster Creation

The imagePROGRAF GP-5300 and GP-5200 feature the same fluorescent pink ink found in GP-540 and GP-520. They offer similar features such as “Radiant Infusion” technology that achieves more vibrant printing with an expanded color gamut, spot color printing for pink and orange zones, and PANTONE calibrated licensing for “PANTONE PASTELS & NEONS GUIDE Coated”4 and “PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated”5.

Imbued with the ability to create compelling advertisements and posters, enhanced with fluorescent colors, the imagePROGRAF GP-5300 and GP-5200 can support in-house production of large format outputs with increased appeal and visibility for numerous industries and businesses, including retail stores, the food and beverage industry, government agencies, and schools.

Overcoming Space Constraints with Full Front Operation

All operations related to printing, such as setting and replacing of roll paper and ink tanks as well as removing printouts, can be performed from the front of the printer. Since the printer can be installed flush against the wall, it takes up minimal space, so businesses and outfits with limited space can also take advantage of the high-quality output of the imagePROGRAF GP-5300 and GP-5200.

Direct Printing without PC and Secure Printing

Print job data can be saved to a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and printed directly from the printer without using a PC. This enables users to easily reprint without using a PC when additional printing is needed.

For businesses handling and printing confidential data, secure printing is an additional layer of security by requiring users to enter a PIN code on the operation panel of the printer before a print job can be released. This feature also prevents loss or neglected prints and helps in cost savings.

Easy Poster Creation and Printing with the new “Poster Artist” Web Application

Alongside these new imagePROGRAF LFPs, Canon is proud to offer a new web-based application, PosterArtist, where users can easily create stylish posters, banners, flyers, and other print collateral with its user-friendly interface. The free application works with Canon’s wide range of printers, from PIXMA inkjet printers, imageCLASS laser printers, imageRUNNER multi-function devices, and of course, imagePROGRAF LFPs.

The Auto Design feature includes templates, texts, and images customizable to fit multiple industries including retail, education, and food. Users can choose from thousands of free photos provided by stock image brands Pixabay, Unsplash, and Pexels.

Compatible with a number of Canon printers, gold and silver texture effects can be used to enhance the design, thanks to newly developed image processing technology. When printing with the imagePROGRAF GP Series, the Vivid mode in the application can be adjusted in three levels to enhance the brightness and vibrancy of the overall output. This is made possible by the “Radiant Infusion” technology, in which fluorescent pink ink layers with other inks on the paper.

Upgrade to large format prints today with the new imagePROGRAF GP series LFPs and Poster Artist web application from Canon. Inquire today at any Canon authorized distributor or dealer. To know more, follow Canon Philippines (@canonphils) on Facebook and Instagram or ​​email [email protected].