Canon introduces new imagePROGRAF TM series for versatile large format printing

MANILA, Philippines – In December 2023, Canon announced the launch of its new imagePROGRAF TM Series, a line of large format printers designed to meet the diverse needs of corporate offices, engineering sites, and print shops. This series includes six models: TM-5240, TM-5340, TM-5250, TM-5255, TM-5350, and TM-5355, featuring a combination of single and multifunction printers.

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Key Features of the imagePROGRAF TM Series

  • Speed and Efficiency: The new L-COA PRO II image processing engine significantly boosts print speed and data processing, enabling faster production of drawings and posters. The TM-5350/5355 models, for instance, print up to 3.2 sheets per minute, marking a 28% improvement over previous models.
  • Versatile Printing Applications: The series supports the “Direct Print Plus” application for batch printing using different file formats, and “PosterArtist” for creating custom designs from a range of templates.
  • High-Quality Vivid Prints: Thanks to the newly developed magenta ink and all-color pigment ink, these printers deliver sharp, vivid prints on plain paper, ideal for CAD drawings and posters. The color calibration function ensures consistent color reproduction.
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Design and Ease of Use The imagePROGRAF TM Series features a new flat-top design, simplifying roll paper loading and operation. The wider printer panel allows easy monitoring of paper type, remaining roll estimation, and ink levels. Notably, models TM-5240/5340 operate at a reduced noise level of about 39dB.

Environmental Considerations In a move towards environmental sustainability, Canon has replaced Styrofoam with cardboard packaging for these printers.

Availability The imagePROGRAF TM Series is available through authorized Canon dealers, offering businesses a robust solution for their large format printing needs.