CDL Naturals Essential Oils: Natural Alternative

I’ve been using various essential oils for a few years now and most have been proven effective. I use the EOs for common colds, coughs, headaches, mosquito bites, and even asthma. If I can use an oil for any ailment, I would, just so I won’t have to drink any meds. I do the same for the whole family.

Recently, I’ve discovered CDL Naturals Essential Oils and I want to share with you just in case you need a natural alternative for minor illnesses.

CDL Naturals Essential Oils mostly are locally produced and distilled here in the Philippines such as the Calamansi Essential Oil, Dalandan Essential Oil, Almaciga Essential Oil, and Elemi Essential Oil.

I’ve tried each EO and here are a few details you should know prior to buying/using them.

Calamansi Essential Oil

CDL Naturals Essential Oils Calamansi
The first one I tried was this Distilled Calamansi EO. I diffused a few drops because hubby cooked fried fish hahaha… The strong aroma eliminated the fishy smell and it was relaxing too because of the citrusy smell.

With a few drops of Calamansi EO mixed with water, it can also help eliminate bad bacteria present in surfaces like the sink, tables, doorknobs, etc.

If you have coughs, colds, or minor respiratory ailments, it can help you breathe easier after a steam inhalation.

I learned that this Calamansi EO can also be used as a mouthwash solution to help eliminate bad breath and disinfects your mouth.

Dalandan Essential Oil

CDL Naturals Essential Oils Dalandan
Dalandan is our local version of orange. If you have muscle pain, swelling or rheumatism, a few drops can help by massaging it on the area.

Since it smells citrusy, if you feel nauseous, put a drop or two on your palm, rub and sniff away. It works with colds, too coz it somehow relieves nasal clogs.

And you know what? If you’re kinda feeling down, this EO is perfect to perk up your senses and spirit!

Almaciga Essential Oil

CDL Naturals Essential Oils AlmacigaHonestly, this is new to me and my first time to try. I didn’t know anything about Almaciga so I did some research. It comes from the resin of the tree Agathis philippinesis and is also known as Manila Copal.

It has an earthy scent and smells closer to Frankincense. The scent, though a bit strong, is okay with me. I find it effective for my migraines, with just a few dabs on the temples. Since I also had asthma these past few days, I diffused inside our room before bedtime and it helped me be relaxed, stopped coughing and sniffing, and apparently was in deep sleep coz I kept snoring which was unusual as per my husband hehe

Elemi Essential Oil

CDL Naturals Essential Oils Elemi
This Elemi Essential Oil has a tangy-sweet aroma with a hint of musk. Some say it smells like Frankincense but I don’t think so. The smell of musk is stronger in this EO and honestly, it makes me dizzy hahaha… But, it might just be me, so sniff it first and see if you’ll like it.

Based on my research, Elemi EO is great for the skin as it helps in restoring a youthful look. You need a carrier oil to use this effectively as part of your anti-aging skin care regimen.

Essential Oils can help alleviate minor ailments and skin problems but I suggest reading up some more before purchasing. This way, you will know which kind of EO do you need for so and so.

CDL Naturals Essential OilsYou must be wary of buying and scour the internet first because there are legit essential oils and some are not. Also, you need to be careful in using it because it can either help you heal or otherwise.

I’ve known about Casa de Lorenzo and some of its products from way back in 2015 so I know that the brand is legit. I reviewed their Castile Soap and really loved the experience.

You can start your research on CDL Naturals Essential Oils or Casa de Lorenzo Organic Products on Facebook – and Instagram at or check the website –