Cebu Pacific selects Backpacker Challenge finalists

TAGUIG, Philippines – Cebu Pacific crowned five teams as the finalists of the Juan For Fun 2017 Backpacker Challenge. After an intense battle, Team Barbie, Team Juanton, Team┬áMalackai, Team Patsada, and Team Phun emerged victoriously.

The teams wowed the judges with their creativeness, producing the best travel videos showcasing Philippine destinations such as Intramuros, Binondo, and more.

Winning entries were selected based on itinerary creation (50%), quality of video entry (25%), and quality of photo entry (25%).

Prior to the competition, the teams were given a two-day crash course by their coaches, which includes YouTuber Wil Dasovich, Becoming Filipino advocate Kyle Jennerman, Ren Sapitan of Beautiful Destination, Sabrina Iovino of, and travel writer Jude Bacalso.

The winners get a free trip to any Cebu Pacific destination plus Php 40,000 pocket money.