Chef Lau under fire for ‘The Apartment: Celebrity Edition’ stint

Chef Rolando Laudico
Chef Rolando Laudico

MANILA, Philippines – Chef Rolando Laudico came under fire in the second episode of The Apartment: Celebrity Edition. with his team leader, Rima Fakih (Miss USA 2010) when a disagreement broke out regarding the division of labor amongst the team members.

A broken house

Rima Fakih
Rima Fakih

Laudico was loudly berated by Fakih outside of the villas. Fakih exclaimed that Laudico was not following her instructions and were not communicating with the team with what was supposed to be accomplished for the design.

More to the group’s struggles, the workers hired by the show who were there to assist the teams actually walked out on them. Host and judge, Jamie Durie, noted this incident during the design court.

The collapse of Team Nicole

After Patricia Knudsen’s elimination in the first episode, her team leader was distraught and thought that Ryan should’ve been eliminated in the competition. The second episode opened with Ryan Star waking up in their villa alone.

The Apartment Host and Judge, Jamie Durie, entered the room and shared that he had spoken to Russo earlier and told Star that she had left the competition. Star was left with the decision to pick a team to join that Durie advised should be aligned with his design vision or aesthetics. He, then, joined and was welcomed in Team Xiao Wang.

What’s in a name

Paula Taylor continued to gain unexpected support from her fame when their team struck bad luck. The team’s sand supply had run out and Taylor was able to use her fame to get more from a construction site beside the villas. Taylor, along with teammate, Justin Bratton, ran to the construction site to get wheelbarrows of sand.

Making it work

Team Xiao Design
Team Xiao Design

Despite being a new addition to the team, Star was able to build rapport in Team Xiao Wang. The team was able to get it together as a unit and finish ahead of time despite an hour’s worth of disadvantage taken by Team Paula Taylor as the latter’s prize after winning the first challenge. Team Rima Fakih was on the chopping board with Fakih and Mary Christina Brown being up for elimination.

Brown was set to go smash her star on the floor when head judge, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, stopped her and decided that no one was to be eliminated. Bowen reminded the team that they should improve in the next challenge.

The Apartment: Celebrity Edition airs every Tuesday, 7PM on StarWorld in the Philippines.