Claroty launches full-scale entry into South Korea

Claroty offers a comprehensive IoT security solution tailored for the Korean market.
This market expansion is expected to provide customized solutions to South Korean industries, backed by Claroty’s global experience in securing cyber-physical systems.
Claroty, the leading security company for cyber-physical systems (CPS) across industrial, healthcare, and commercial environments, has established a regional headquarters in South Korea to strengthen its penetration into the local market.
At a press conference held in July, Claroty introduced the importance of securing the Extended Internet of Things (XIoT) and revealed its plans for future activities in the domestic market. The XIoT refers to a vast cyber-physical web of greenfield and legacy assets that extends across industrial, healthcare, and commercial environments.
With this expansion, Claroty will increase its focus on the Korean market, where there is growing interest in new technologies such as smart factories. In fact, many domestic hospitals have recently introduced cloud-based medical systems in an effort to improve stability and efficiency. Although this innovation improves productivity, it also introduces additional security risks as more devices and systems are integrated and connected.
Claroty technology ensures cyber and operational resilience by minimizing the risks to availability, integrity, and safety introduced by the XIoT. Through its comprehensive solution portfolio – Continuous Threat Detection (CTD), Secure Remote Access (SRA), Edge, Medigate, and the newly launched xDome – Claroty delivers purpose-built cybersecurity controls that identify, protect, monitor, and optimize all cyber-physical systems, including OT, IoT, IoMT, BMS and more.
Claroty’s solutions are currently used in more than a thousand different sites across more than 50 countries.
“From undeveloped OT assets to IoT and medical devices to building management systems, cyber-physical systems are constantly connected,” said Yaniv Vardi, CEO of Claroty. “These innovations are driving productivity. However, since it is exposed to OT threats that cannot be detected by existing IT-centric security technologies, it is very important to install an appropriate solution that can protect according to the expanded environment.”
Eun Seong-yul, President of Claroty Korea, said, “The Korean market will continue to develop steadily in the future and is an attractive market with high potential for Claroty’s robust growth across Asia. I will do my best to help accelerate the development of Korea’s industrial systems utilizing Claroty’s world-class solutions.”