ConvergeX: Redefining the Green Legacy

In celebration of their 10th year anniversary, The Junior Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers – Lungsod ng Maynila Chapter will conduct the 4th JPICE-LNM Convention with JPICE-LNM Colloquium 2018.

It is a four-day event wherein the activities are: 4th JPICE-LNM Symposium, 3rd JPICE-LNM Photofest 7th JPICE-LNM Quiz Show, 3rd JPICE-LNM Research Congress, JPICE – LNM Career Expo 2018 , and 3rd JPICE – LNM Educational Tour.

Revolving around the theme Converge X: Redefining the Green Legacy, the event aims to be an eye-opener n environmental issues. It aims to be the catalyst for the conservation and preservation of Mother Earth.

The speakers will focus on the matters relevant to the solution of environmental phenomena, and how it can be translated into reality through civil engineering ways. It aims to educate the civil engineering community and concerned youth on how it is essential to be aware of all these possibilities, adapt to the ways that benefit the community and advance to the possible solutions with the best results.

Registration fee: P350 (members) / P400 (non-members).

For details, contact juniorpicelnm at