This website helps you track travel restrictions during the pandemic

Traveling abroad has become a real pain in the ass because of the pandemic brought by Covid-19.

As of August 24, 2020, there are 24 million estimated cases of COVID-19 worldwide that have been reported, including 800,000 deaths according to the data by World Health Organization (WHO).

While many countries are struggling to curb out the spread of infection, there are also other countries that have slightly opened their economy and borders for international visitors.

To help international travelers be updated on the latest news, updates and trends on international travel, TruTrip, Southeast Asian travel technology company, has developed a website in which people around the world can monitor travel restrictions from one country to another.

The CovidEntryCheck ( has a team that constantly monitors over 34,000 travel routes, 200 websites and link to 15 data sources to help get the full pictures for the travellers.

Suppose you’re planning to go on a holiday or a business trip abroad, you’ll need to conduct multiple Google searches online to verify if there are still travel restrictions imposed.

What’s more, are the locations you’ll be traveling to safe when it comes to the number of COVID-19 cases?

Turns out, there’s a handy tool that helps keep track of such info, saving you hours of research.

The inspiration came when the company realized that travellers pore through different websites (government, travel advisory) to get all the necessary information like travel restrictions, green lane status, and quarantine on entry requirements.

The process, as you can imagine, is messy at best.

Through the CovidEntryCheck website, you can easily find all travelling information in one place. From details on travel restrictions to COVID-19 statistics to quarantine requirement, you’ll have all the needed information to ensure you’re safe and informed during your holidays.

If the route is still closed, you can easily subscribe to any particular route to keep yourself updated and they will email you once the border opens.

The website is updated every day to ensure that travellers always get the latest and most
updated information. You can try out the website here. The best thing is it’s free!

For example, if you enter USA to Canada, this will be the result as of August 24, 2020.