A New Crowdfunding Platform For Filipinos – Gavagives.com

Gava, an online donor community, envisions to make generosity a lifestyle among Filipinos.

In Gava media launch last July 11 at Chef and Brewer, Industria Mall, press were able to know more about the crowdfunding platform.

Developed by Gava Tech Pte Ltd, Gava, which everyone can visit thru URL, Gavagives.com, enables users to easily create crowd-funding campaigns for various personal events and social causes and to promote these campaigns through social media. Its simple and elegant interface allows users smooth navigation, and the availability of several payment options — both online and offline — makes it easier for contributors to support the campaigns that they want.

With its partnerships with a thriving number of organizations like World Vision, Operation Blessing, Save the Children, WWF, CARA, Haribon Foundation, Children’s Hour and Make Your Nanay Proud Foundation, Gava aims to help the people who want to donate to charities but do not know where or how to start.

On its short run, Gava has raised millions of donations already from various campaigns including its most successful ongoing campaign by far, the University of Santo Thomas College of Science’ “Project AGham” which aims to advance the academic and research capability of the College. The project raised an amount of $52,606 or 2.6 million pesos to date.

Gava’s vision is to be top of mind when it comes to gifting, celebration of life and helping more people help more people. Gava dreams that someday, through its platform, giving will be part of every land, every culture and every age because Gava believes that generosity is never about the amount, it is all about the heart.

What makes Gava different from other crowdfunding websites, apart from being free of fees, is that it also allows users to earn points every time they create a campaign or contribute. Earned points can donated to a cause of the user’s choice.

It is supported by its ambassadors Miriam Quiambao, Mark Muñoz and the Perkin Twins alongside with celebrities Andi Eigenmann, Bianca Guidotti, Jimmy Bondoc, Abby Asistio, Janelle Tee, Marlann Flores, Suy Galvez among others.

“Gava aims to make it fun and easy to give to anyone. It creates a culture of giving, right at the tips of your fingers, hassle-free. The possibility to give, to share to others – it’s all right within your reach, “ Ms. Ann Cuisa – Lindayag, founder and CEO said.

Singapore-registered but operating in the Philippines, Gava has launched and fulfilled 1,000 causes since it’s inception in 2016. It is available on web thru www.gavagives.com.

Start giving now or create your own campaign on www.gavagives.com or like and follow its Facebook page facebook.com/gavagives and Twitter @gavagives for more information.

Ann Lindayag, Gava CEO